Dr Avril Collinson

Dr Avril Collinson

Associate Professor in Dietetics

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health)



As Academic Lead my role is to work with the dietetic and nutrition team to ensure we deliver high-quality academic and scholarly activity. I also have an active teaching role, leading the dietetic theory modules for Year 2 and 3 students and supervise final year undergraduate students dissertations, masters and PhD students. 


I graduated from the University of Surrey in 1989 with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Since then I have enjoyed working in many different dietetic specialities both in the NHS, private practice and overseas.  I have a keen interest in renal disease having worked as a specialist renal dietitian.  I was awarded my doctorate from University of Reading in 1997 which investigated eating patterns and their effects on body weight and lipid levels.  I joined the dietetic and nutrition team here at Plymouth in 2008 and now support the team in the role of Academic Lead. 

BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics 
Registered Dietitian
PhD in Human Nutrition
PgCert LTHE 

Professional membership

Member of the British Dietetic Association
Registered with the HCPC
Member of the Nutrition Society
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 

Roles on external bodies

Member of British Dietetic Association HEI sub group



Teaching interests

Nutrition and Health



Research interests

Research interests: 

Dietetic Practice

Research group webpage link: 


2018    Rose Simmons Award for best publication by a dietitian, British Dietetic Association

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

PhD students:

Jill Venables -  Investigating the energy and protein requirements of hospital food for malnourished elderly patients. Started January 2019

Jennifer Carroll - Development of a core outcome set for childhood epilepsy treated with ketogenic diet. Started April 2018. 

Nicola Szostek - Assessment of ocular accommodation in humans. Awarded 2017.

Eman Saad Alamri - Factors affecting food intake and the role of nutrition education in the understanding and implementation of healthy dietary habits in Saudi adolescent girls. Awarded 2016.

Desley White - Non-transferrin-bound iron and protein glycation in Type 2 Diabetes. Awarded 2012.

Grants & contracts

Grants & contracts

BDA Project Grant to explore the first contact role of dietitians in primary care. July 2017 - August 2019.

British Dietetic Association project grant to scope the future profession and inform the development of a dietetic work force development strategy. July 2016-March 2017



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Carroll JH, Martin-McGill KJ, Cross JH, Hickson M, Williams E, Aldridge V & Collinson A (2022) 'Core outcome set development for childhood epilepsy treated with ketogenic diet therapy: Results of a scoping review and parent interviews' Seizure 99, 54-67 , DOI Open access
Hickson M, Child J & Collinson A (2021) 'Impact of a dietitian in general practice: Care of the frail and malnourished' Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics , DOI Open access
Hickson M, Collinson A & Child J (2020) 'Dietitian support in primary care' Practice Management 30, (7) 20-23 , DOI Open access
Collinson A, Trace S, Searle A & Lithander F (2020) 'Using videoconsultations to deliver dietary advice to children with chronic kidney disease; a qualitative study of parent and child perspectives' Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics , DOI Open access
Hickson M, Wanner A & Collinson A (2019) 'Dietitian-led clinics in primary care: a scoping review protocol' JBI database of systematic reviews and implementation reports 17, (12) 2525-2531 , DOI Open access
Collinson A & Madden A (2019) 'Improved prediction equations for estimating height in adults from ethnically diverse backgrounds' Clinical Nutrition , DOI Open access
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Conference Papers
Szostek N, Buckhurst HD, Collinson A, Purslow C & Buckhurst PJ (2018) 'In vivo assessment of ciliary muscle morphology using swept source optical coherence tomography'
Szostek N, Buckhurst H, Purslow C, Collinson A & Buckhurst PJ (2015) 'Relationship between the subjective measurement of accommodative facility and the objective assessment of the dynamic accommodative response'
Alamri E, De Looy A & Collinson A (2015) 'Development of an educational programme for improvement of food purchases and food intake of Saudi adolescent girls (16-18 years) and their mothers' , DOI
Kearney O, Lenderyou R, Pascoe S, Wade B, Collinson A & Sadler H (2014) 'A clinical audit and service evaluation exploring fluid management and factors associated with non-adherance in haemodialysis patients' BDA Research Symposium 2013 European Journal of Nutrition and Food Safety
Holloway L, Moore G, Pigeon S & Collinson A (2011) 'Alcohol intake does not influence body weight or diet in the first six months of an undergraduate starting university'
Presentations and posters
Collinson AO, Parkin T & McMullan M Collinson AO, Parkin T & McMullan M 'Prohealth@home: A feasibility study exploring the use of dietitians communicating with individuals at high risk of diabetes via a web based app to reduce the risk of developing diabetes' Open access


Other academic activities

On the School of Health Professions Ethics Committee