Professor Mary Hickson

Professor Mary Hickson

Professor in Dietetics

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health and Human Sciences)


My role is to lead the development and implementation of research within the Dietetic Team, and support research within the School and Faculty, by coordinating and undertaking research activity, encouraging collaborative working, securing research funding and building the Faculty’s reputation internationally. 

I am also a Co-Director of the Torbay and south Devon Clinical School and the Deputy Director of the Institute of Health and Community.


2002     PhD Nutrition, Imperial College London

1997     Certificate in Adult Education, Kingston College

1989     State Registration as Dietitian, University of Surrey

1989     BSc Hons Nutrition and Dietetics (2.1), University of Surrey

Professional membership

Member of the British Dietetic Association

Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC): DT04924

Roles on external bodies

Adjunct Professor, Imperial College London

Honorary Research Dietitian, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

NIHR Trainee Advocate for Dietetics

Member of the Faculty of Mentors of Health Research Mentors

Member of the Mentorship for Health Research Management committee

Member of the judging panel for the NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic awards.

Member of the AUKUH Clinical Academic Careers Network

Member of the editorial board for the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Teaching interests

My teaching activities are to support the undergraduate dietetic degree programme leading the project development module, project supervision, as well as delivering lectures in the field of nutrition, dietetics and ageing.

I also support the Masters programmes within the School through supervision of project work and teaching research skills and knowledge.

Research interests

My research interests fall under two broad fields: 

  1. Nutrition & Ageing 
  2. Dietetic Practice

My current areas of research are:
Nutrition and Ageing
  • Exploration of factors contributing to the development of sarcopenia (using Biobank data)
  • Improving nutritional care at the interface between acute and community healthcare (With Anna Julian, PhD student, ICL)
  • Nutritional Care of people with dementia and their carers (With Louise Wilkinson, PenCLAHRC PhD student)
  • Effects of nitrate and nitrite on health (With Raul Bescos, Ann Ashworth, PhD student and Craig Cutler, PhD student) 
Dietetic Practice
  • Examining the evidence for first contact dietetic roles within primary care
  • Understanding the dietetic workforce of the future
  • Prioritisation of referrals for dietetic assessment in acute adult services
  • Estimating ascitic fluid weight and its impact on nutritional assessment in liver patients
  • Nutritional care in ICU
  • Improving hospital food provision
  • Iron requirements for those with excess losses
  • Probiotic use
  • Renal nutrition
I also collaborate with many other disciplines and professions including work on: 
  • Dysphagia and laryngectomy with Speech and Language Therapists 
  • Medication harm with Pharmacists and infection control specialists
  • Physical activity with Physiotherapists and Sport Science experts

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

PhD students supervised: 

Jennifer Carroll - A mixed methods study to establish core outcomes for refactory childhood epilpsy treated with ketogenic diet therapyStarted April 2018

Craig Culter - The effect of diet and physical activity on the oral nutrate/nitrite pathway and its impact on vascular control.  Started October 2017

Julia Eisenblaetter - Dietary counselling of children with food allergy. Started October 2016

Louise Mole - Improving nutritional care for people living at home with Dementia. Started April 2016

Anna Julian – Improving nutritional care at the interface between acute and community healthcare. Started Oct 2014.

Ann Ashworth - Effects of dietary nitrate from vegetables on blood pressure in healthy humans: Started October 2015.

Liesl Wandrag – An investigation into inflammatory and nutritional markers during critical illness to identify an indicator of anabolism and to explore a method of attenuating muscle mass loss.Awarded Nov 2013.

Margaret Coffey – An examination of the clinical utility of fiber-optic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing as an evaluation tool in laryngectomy and an investigation of the effect of different voice prostheses on swallow, voice function and quality of life after laryngectomy. Awarded Nov 2013.

Nurhafzan Anis Ismail – The role of glycaemic index in preventing obesity. Awarded 2014.

Norlida Mat Daud – The effects of propionate on appetite and gut hormones. Awarded Jan 2013.

Charlotte Moss - Comparison of gut hormones in healthy older and young adults. Awarded Jan 2013.

Lina Johansson – Broadening Options for Long-term Dialysis in the Elderly. Awarded Jan 2012.

Elena Philippou – Dietary carbohydrate manipulation and its effect on coronary heart disease risk factors and body weight maintenance. Awarded 2008.



Grants & contracts

British Dietetic Association project grant to scope the future profession and inform the development of adietetic work force development strategy. July 2016-March 2017

BDA General Education Trust Project Grant to explore the first contact role of dietitians in primary care. July 2017 - August 2019.

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
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2018      Rose Simmons Award for best publication by a dietitian, British Dietetic Association

2016:     Roll of Honour for contributions Research, British Dietetic Association

2015:     Roll of Honour for contributions BDA Research symposium, British Dietetic Association

2012:     Elizabeth Washington Award for best educational work relating to nutrition, British Dietetic Association

2010:     Best Presentation Award, British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Annual Conference

2009:     Roll of Honour for contributions to the BDA Research Committee, British Dietetic Association

2008:     Rose Simmonds Award for best publication by a dietitian, British Dietetic Association

2008:     Award for Teaching Excellence, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London