Dr Kathy Redfern

Dr Kathy Redfern

Lecturer in Human Nutrition

School of Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Health)



Programme Lead BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Exercise and Health - AfN accredited programme. 
Lecturer in Human Nutrition. 

I teach on the following degree programmes at the University of Plymouth
  • BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Exercise and Health - AfN accredited
  • BSc (Hons) Dietetics
  • MSc Human Nutrition - AfN accredited


2020  Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice. University of Plymouth

2018  PhD Human Nutrition. University of Plymouth

2012  MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine. University of Exeter 

2011  BSc (Hons) Exercise Nutrition and Health. University of Plymouth

Professional membership

  • Association for Nutrition - Registered Nutritionist (Public Health)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 
  • Nutrition Society.

Roles on external bodies

External Committees:

  • Association for Nutrition Accreditation Committee, 2019 - present.
  • European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP) - Social Media and Blog Team Member, 2018 - present.
  • Nutrition Society Student Section, 2015-2018.

Internal Committees:

  • University of Plymouth Senate - Researcher Forum Representative, 2018 - present.
  • Faculty of Health, Health & Wellbeing Committee. 


  • BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth
  • Journal of Nutritional Science
  • Pediatric Obesity
  • Nutrients



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Bennett G, King N, Redfern K & Breese B (2022) 'Supervised physical activity and the incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus: a systematic review and meta-analysis' The Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine , DOI Open access
Redfern K, Hollands HJ, Welch CR, Pinkney JH & Rees GA (2022) 'Dietary Intakes of Folate, Vitamin D and Iodine during the First Trimester of Pregnancy and the Association between Supplement Use and Demographic Characteristics amongst White Caucasian Women Living with Obesity in the UK' Nutrients 14, (23) 5135-5135 Publisher Site , DOI Open access
Redfern KM, Hollands HJ, Hosking J, Welch CR, Pinkney JH & Rees GA (2021) 'The relationship between gestational weight gain, maternal upper-body subcutaneous fat changes and infant birth size: a pilot observational study amongst women with obesity' Early Human Development 154, (0) 105307-105307 , DOI Open access
Alkutbe R, Redfern K, Jarvis M & Rees G (2020) 'Nutrient Extraction Lowers Postprandial Glucose Response of Fruit in Adults with Obesity as well as Healthy Weight Adults' Nutrients 12, (3) 766-766 , DOI Open access
Solomi L, Rees G & Redfern KM (2019) 'The acute effects of the non-nutritive sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame-K in UK diet cola on glycaemic response' International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition Publisher Site , DOI Open access
Redfern KM, Hine R, Hollands H, Welch CR, Pinkney J & Rees G (2019) 'Objectively measured sleep duration and plasma glucose values following an oral glucose tolerance test amongst pregnant women with obesity in the UK' Sleep Medicine , DOI Open access
Redfern KM, Cammack VM, Sweet N, Preston, SoBHCS Student Team, Jarvis M & Rees G (2017) 'Nutrient-extraction blender preparation reduces postprandial glucose responses from fruit juice consumption' Nutrition and Diabetes 7, Publisher Site , DOI Open access
Redfern KM, Rees GA & Pinkney JH (2016) 'Maternal Lifestyle Factors and Fetal Macrosomia Risk: A Review' EMJ Reproductive Health Publisher Site Open access
Conference Papers
Redfern K, Pinkney J & Rees G (2019) 'Mid-pregnancy changes in maternal upper body subcutaneous fat assessed using skinfold measurements and oral glucose tolerance test results amongst women with obesity in the UK' 26th European Congress on Obesity Karger Publishers Open Access 223-223 , DOI Open access
Redfern KM, Rees GA & Pinkney JH (2017) 'The effect of timing and composition of gestational weight gain in obese pregnant women on infant birth weight: A prospective cohort study' European Congress on Obesity 2017 Porto, Portugal 5-/-0/20175-/-0/2017Karger Publishers Open Access 147-148 Publisher Site , DOI Open access
Other Publications
Redfern K (2018) The Timing and Composition of Gestational Weight Gain and the Impact on Neonatal Anthropometry.