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A key feature of our experimental medicine approach is the development of unique cell/ tissue models to study and understand differences between health and disease to help drive new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

We have gained a strong reputation for the development of experimental models that support the replacement, refinement and reduction of animals in research (3Rs agenda) facilitating a wide range of collaborations with external partners in academia, industry and beyond to deliver ground breaking research and innovation.

This research is supported by significant grant funding, including from BBSRC, NERC, NC3R and Hadwen Trust.

Technologies – cell lines, tissue models and associated methods for culturing, propagation and maintenance

Expertise – technical competence in working with cell/tissue models and applying them to support and deliver research

Collaboration – opportunities to work with our researchers and utilise our technologies and expertise

Licensing – use of our cell / tissue models in your own R&D and innovation programmes (Note: not available for all our models)

Services/contract research – commission specific projects/work to be carried out in our state-of-the-art laboratories using our technology and expertise

Our technologies

  • Primary brain tumour cell lines – Professor Oliver Hanemann – development of personalised and stratified medicine approaches, biomarker discovery and drug testing
  • Neural stem cells and cancer cell lines (Drosophila / human cell cultures) – Dr Claudia Barros – brain development and regulation in health and disease
  • Dental cell models / stem cells – Professor Bing Hu – development and treatment of oral cancer, dental disease and oral health
  • Skin tissue models – Professor Bing Hu – development, treatment and prevention of skin cancer and disease. Testing of cosmetics
  • Primary lung macrophage cells – Professor Simon Jackson – models / sensors for the effect of environmental pollutants and pathogens on human health

  • 3D cell culture models – Professor Simon Jackson – toxicity testing (with Professor Awadesh Jha)
  • Oral mucosal 3D tissue models – Dr Vehid Salih – oral disease development mechanisms, treatment and diagnostics
  • Alveolar macrophage cell lines (mouse) – Dr Gyuri Fejer – in vitro models for inflammation / lung disease – use in drug development / screening

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