MAterials and STructures (MAST) Research Group news

Mechanical, Marine and Materials Engineering Virtual Showcase

The undergraduate Stage 4 projects were showcased in Rolle Marquee. View the posters.

19 May 2022

Frontiers in Ship and Offshore Structures

Jahir Rizvi edited a special issue of Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (ISSN 2077-1312). View three papers.

11 March 2022

SeaBioComp post-doctoral research fellow

Nanting Yu has joined the team to undertake Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for composites manufacturing processes.

01 February 2022

Unfortunate departure

Yang Qin (SeaBioComp post-doctoral research fellow) returned to China when UKBA failed to process his visa renewal within their own service targets!

31 January 2022

Richard Cullen escaped

After graduating from the composites degree in 1999, then supporting the activities of ACMC and the composites laboratory, Richard has moved to take up new opportunities in the South East. Good luck!

January 2022

Rising Star Award

Devon Ward splits her time between studying for the BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace degree (Yeovil College with modules in Plymouth) and working for Leonardo Helicopters in Yeovil. She won the 2021 Engineering Apprentice Rising Star Award at the Make UK Awards. Congratulations!

17 January 2022

Princess Yachts sponsored PhD student

Badr Moutik has joined the team to undertake a Life Cycle Assessment of luxury yacht manufacture.

04 January 2022

Flexwave Project

Xinyu Wang has joined the MAST research group as a Research Fellow in the context of the EPSRC Flexwave Project. He will explore whether rubber, composites and polymers can be effective in harnessing wave power. Krishnendu Puzhukkil will be the Hydrodynamics PDRA supporting the project in the COAST research group.

12 August 2021

Abandoned boats

John Summerscales was interviewed and broadcast by BBC Spotlight for a feature item on abandoned fibre glass boats.

26 May 2021

Postgraduate research studentships 

The following three or three and a half year MPhil/PhD studentships with a materials flavour are available at the University of Plymouth with a start date of 01 October 2021:

  • 3D printed graphene sensors in structural health monitoring for composite turbine blades.
  • Motions and loads on dynamic export cables for floating Offshore Renewable Energy farms using physical and numerical modelling.
  • Coupled nonlinear analysis of a flexible fabric wave energy converter.
  • Developing computational tool of safer decommissioning plan for ships and offshore structures through condition assessment.

17 March 2021

Manufacturing Engineer Degree Apprenticeship

There will be an Employer Open Day to introduce this course at 1300 BST on Thursday 10 June 2021.

20 May 2021

Undergraduate project showcase

The Mechanical, Marine and Materials Engineering undergraduate course students have a Project Virtual Showcase where the posters describing their work are displayed.

20 May 2021

Postdoctoral Research Fellow vacancy

MAST research group are seeking a person to work on research related to marine environmental effects on fatigue of nylon fibre reinforced rubber composites for wave energy devices in support of the EPSRC-funded Flexible Responsive Systems in Wave Energy (FlexWave) project. The FlexWave project will test the research hypothesis that the use of Flexible Responsive Systems in Wave Energy will lead to a step change reduction in cost and provide a pathway to cost competitive, scalable wave energy converters. The deadline for applications is 31 May 2021.

Find out more about the vacancy.

09 April 2021

Expert on Sky News

Jasper Graham-Jones was interviewed by Sky News when the Ever Given container ship ran aground blocking the Suez canal.

25 March 2021

Thermal Analysis suite

The University of Plymouth will be looking to acquire a Thermal Analysis suite to service teaching and research in materials characterisation (ceramics, metals, polymers and composites), food science and chemistry. View the contract finder notice.

08 February 2021

Webinar series on Recycled Aggregates in Concrete

Boksun Kim, RAEng Frontiers Champion, will be hosting ten webinars on Recycled Aggregates in Concrete this year. Registration links will be added to the page as they become available.

14 January 2021

Special issue editor

Maozhou Meng will be leading a special issue of the MDPI open access journal Micromachines entitled Recent Advances in Graphene-based Sensors. The deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 July 2021.

13 January 2021