Dr Keri Collins

Dr Keri Collins

Post Doctoral Research Fellow - COaST

School of Marine Science and Engineering (Faculty of Science & Environment)

Teaching interests

2018/2019 MECH121 - Team Engineering (Lecturer and module leader) MARN339 - Marine Engineering (Lecturer and module leader) MARN526 - Introduction to marine renewable energy (Interim lecturer) Supervision of project students for MEng Civil and Coastal Engineering and BEng Mechanical Engineering (PRCE308/PRCE310/PRCE507/PRME304) Previous years Lecturing on MECH230 - Engineering science 2 Laboratory sessions and coursework marking: MAR528(MAR504) - Mechanics of MRE structures MARN203(MARN201) - Stability and hydrodynamics Tutoring/supervising and marking DSGN313 - Engineering Design and computational methods Available for MATLAB tutoring

Research interests

Hydrodynamics, underwater propulsion/movement, bio-inspired design, flexible structures.

Research groups

  • Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport

Key publications are highlighted

Collins KM, Meng M, Le HR, Greaves D & Bellamy NW 2017 'Modelling of the buckling of a diaphragm–spine structure for a wave energy converter' Materials & Design 119, 159-170 , DOI PEARL
Le HR, Collins KM, Greaves DM & Bellamy NW 2015 'Mechanics and Materials in the Design of a Buckling Diaphragm Wave Energy Converter' Materials & Design 79, 86-93 , DOI PEARL
Rapid communications
Toffoli A, Waseda T, Houtani H, Kinoshita T, Collins KM, Proment D & Onorato M 2013 'Excitation of rogue waves in a variable medium: An experimental study on the interaction of water waves and currents' Physical Review E 5, (87) , DOI
Conference Papers
Collins KM, Howey B, Vicente P, Gomes R, Harnois V, Hann M, Iglesias Rodriguez J & Greaves DM 2017 'A Physical Mooring Comparison for a Floating OWC' 12th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference Cork, Ireland 28/08/2017 31/08/2017
Ransley E, Brown SA, Howey B, Collins K & Greaves D 2017 'Numerical Modelling of a Floating OWC-WEC Using CFD' 4th PRIMaRE Conference Southampton 06/07/2017 07/07/2017
Collins KM, Iglesias G, Greaves D, Toffoli A & Stripling S 2014 'THE NEW COAST LABORATORY OF PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY: A WORLD-CLASS FACILITY FOR MARINE ENERGY' Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters 2013 Edinburgh, UK 18/09/2013 20/09/2013 ICE Publishing Publisher Site
Collins K, Iglesias G, Stripling S, Toffoli A & Greaves DM 2013 'The new COAST laboratory at Plymouth University: A world-class facility for marine energy' ICE Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters 2013: From Sea to Shore - Meeting the Challenges of the Sea Edinburgh, UK 18/09/2013 20/09/2013
Collins KM, Brown JC, Ladd RR, Chambers LD, Bowyer A & Megill WM 2011 'Variable stroke timing of rubber fins' duty cycle improves force' 613-618 , DOI
Brown J, Chambers L, Collins KM, Akanyeti O, Visentin F, Ladd R, Fiorini P & Megill W 2011 'The interaction between vortices and a biomimetic flexible fin' 418-419 , DOI
Collins KM, greaves D, Hann M, Howey B, Iglesias rodriguez G & Harnois V 2016 D6.1 - Analysis of different potential configurations of non-rigid Inter-moored devices. Publisher Site
Collins KM & Dai YM 2014 Possible power production for a WITT device deployed on a ship.
Collins KM & Dai YM 2013 Ship motion characteristics. WITT consortium
Collins KM, Hann M, Iglesias Rodriguez G, Greaves DM, Vicente P & Harnois V Collins KM, Hann M, Iglesias Rodriguez G, Greaves DM, Vicente P & Harnois V 0 'Breakthroughs in WEC arrays Shared moorings and cablings in the WETFEET project' 0 0 PEARL
Collins KM, Arber P, Greaves D, Hann M, Iglesias G, Simmonds D, Stripling S & Toffoli A Collins KM, Arber P, Greaves D, Hann M, Iglesias G, Simmonds D, Stripling S & Toffoli A 0 'Facilitating coastal and ocean research in the laboratory' 0 0 PEARL
Collins KM, David-West O, Le H & Greaves DG Collins KM, David-West O, Le H & Greaves DG 0 'From Concept to Laboratory Testing: the Development Cycle of a Novel Wave Energy Converter' 0 0 PEARL

Other academic activities

Founder member and project manager for the human-powered submarine project: PULSE (Plymouth University Leg-powered Submarine Engineering). At the eISR 2014, our submarine Mayflower can 3rd overall and became the fastest human-powered submarine built by any UK team. We also won the prize for Reliability. We welcome mambers from any discipline who wish to get involved. https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/news/plymouth-university-dive-deep-to-break-human-powered-submarine-record

Additional information

Member of the RINA/IMarEST young members' group for Devon and Cornwall STEM ambassador