Dr Jonathan Moizer

Dr Jonathan Moizer

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Business Operations & Strategy

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Dr Jonathan Moizer can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Business modelling


  • Modelling & Simulation for Social Systems (M&S3) Research Initiative Co-Lead


Professional membership

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Fellow of the Operational Research Society

Roles on external bodies

  • Secretary of the UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society 2012-17
  • President of the UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society 2017-19
  • Past President of the UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society 2019-20


  • Member of the System Dynamics Society 1993-present




Teaching interests

Using management modelling, simulations, games and gaming to promote experiential learning.



Research interests

  • System dynamics modelling of managerial problems to support learning and policy making.
  • Simulation games and their applications in education and training.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Nancy Deraz, ‘Examining the Impact of Applying Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems to the Suppliers’, PhD. Performance: A Case Study of the Egyptian Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)’, PhD., 2023.

Nawal Tarazi, ‘De-risking and Correspondent Banking’, DBA., 2023.

Mac-Daniel Uhuka, ‘An Evaluation of Supply Lead Time in the Nigerian Oil Sector’, PhD.
Ardam Dodokh, ‘Impact of Personal Social Media Use at Work on Workplace Outcomes in Jordan’, PhD, 2022.

Nasser Al Hamar Al Kathiri (with Yi Wang & Mohamed Haddoud) ‘Expatriates Competencies as Antecedents of Knowledge Transfer and its Impact on Staff Localisation and Firm’s Performance’, PhD, 2021.

Victor Apiafi (with Yi Wang), ‘Investigating Employment in the Nigerian Offshore Oil and Gas Industry: Is Gender a Prerequisite?’, DBA, 2021.

Zhanna Sagyndykova (with Jonathan Lean) ‘Monitoring and Evaluation of Education Reforms in Kazakhstan’, DPA, 2021.

Dmitrij Katkov, ‘Financial Literacy and Stock Market Participation’, PhD, 2021.

Jindu Chizea (with Chukwuneke Okorie & Yi Wang), ‘Downstream Automotive Supply Chain Simulation: A System Dynamics Approach to Improve Performance’, PhD., 2020.

Doaa Althalathini, ‘Invisible Women Entrepreneurs in Conflict Zones: Case of Gaza’, PhD, 2020.

Ye Zhang, ‘Antecedents and Consequences of Overshooting Product Attributes: A Case Study Approach’, PhD, 2020.

Abdulrahman Alnoaimi, ‘Strategic Management in Improving Total Quality’ in Bahrain’s Public Sector’. DPA, 2019.

Neil Smith, ‘Evaluating the Role of Secondary Money Systems in Delivering Sustainable Development Goals: a System Dynamics, Post-Keynesian, Stock-Flow Consistent Macroeconomic Model’. PhD, 2019.

Reynatou Noma Mounkaila ‘Corporate Social Responsibility, Path Dependency and Cultural Influence: An Analysis of Equitable Health Insurance Schemes for Niger’. DBA, 2018.

Kosmos Akande-Alasoka, ‘Communication Technology and Governance: The Case of Nigeria’, DPA, 2018.

David Carter, 'Time for change: a Study of Enrolment Decision Dynamics for Admission into English Secondary Education', PhD, 2018.

George Dexter, 'Corporate Governance in the Nonprofit Sector: A Grounded Theory Approach to Studying the Trustee Board', PhD, 2018.

Elaine Garcia, 'Investigating the Use of Social Networking Sites within the HE Sector for Teaching & Learning', PhD, 2017.

Juergen Steinheber, 'Diffusion Challenges for Innovation in Technology-Intensive Industries', PhD, 2015.

Hasema Hamad,'Antecedents of Business-to-business E-commerce Adoption and its Effect on Competitive Advantage in Manufacturing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: A Comparative Study of United States of America and Egypt’, PhD, 2014.

Loay Abdul-Mageed El-Sayed, 'An Agent-based Approach for Improving the Performance of Distributed Business Processes in Maritime Port Community', PhD, 2012.

Jacqueline Rogers, ‘Multi-disciplined Individuals: Defining the Genre’, PhD, 2010.

Toni Ola, ‘Achieving Global Sustainable Development Through Community Planning’, PhD, 2010.

Grants & contracts

  • Erasmus+ Fund (2017-2019), 'Innovating Youth Work to Foster Youth Active Citizenship', €43,450 at Plymouth University (€197,925 whole project); J. Moizer Partner Level Coordinator), S. Liu, J. Lean & D. Carter (Plymouth University).
  • Leonardo TOI Fund (2012-2013), ‘Using On-line Role Play to Promote Soft Skills Development for Social Enterprises’, €90,105 at Plymouth University (€264,423 whole project); J. Moizer (Project Cordinator), J. Lean & E. Dell' Aquila (Plymouth University, UK); O. Miglino, A. Di Ferdinando & M. Schembri (UNINA, Italy); P. Walsh (CIT, Ireland); R. Friedrich (GeProS, Germany). 
  • Higher Education Academy Award (2010-2011), ‘Discipline-focused Learning Technology Enhancement Academy’. Inspiring Futures Project (£1000) to facilitate the adoption and diffusion of learning technology by academics and students. Supported by Chelo de Andrés Martínez, Hilary Duckett, Jonathan Lean & Troy Heffernan (Plymouth University, UK).
  • Teaching Fellowship Award (2004-2005) ‘The Use of Simulation & Gaming at the University of Plymouth: Opportunities & Challenges’: Funded by the University of Plymouth TFA (£4803), with Dr's J. Lean & M. Towler (Plymouth University, UK).
  • Continuing Vocational Education (1999), 'Occupational Health and Safety Project - To Investigate the Feasibility of Developing Short Course Material on Health and Safety Awareness for Small Businesses’, Funded by the Plymouth University Continuing Vocational Education Fund (£4803) with Dr J. Lean (Plymouth University, UK).



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Kumar M, Raut RD, Mangla SK, Moizer J & Lean J (2024) 'Big data driven supply chain innovative capability for sustainable competitive advantage in the food supply chain: Resource‐based view perspective' Business Strategy and the Environment Publisher Site , DOI Open access
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Arthur D, Moizer J & Lean J (2022) 'A systems approach to mapping UK regional innovation ecosystems for policy insight' Industry and Higher Education , DOI Open access
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Conference Papers
Sen A, Lean J, Kelland J & Moizer J (2023) 'INVESTIGATING A MOTIVATION MODEL FOR GAMIFIED E-LEARNING: A SELF-DETERMINATION APPROACH' 17th International Technology, Education and Development Conference 3-/-0/20233-/-0/2023IATED , DOI Open access
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Moizer JD, Dell'Aquila E & Lean J (2011) 'E-learning through Role-Play Simulation within Social Enterprises' 8th Conference of the Italian Cognitive Science Association Milan, Italy 2-/-1/20112-/-1/2011
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Conferences organised

  • Member of the Organising Committee, Games & Simulation Enhanced Learning Conference, 2017, Plymouth, UK.
  • Member of the Organising Committee, 7th Plymouth e-Learning Conference (PeLC 2012), Plymouth, UK.
  • Committee Member European Conference on Games Based Learning, 2008-2012.
  • Member of the International Scientific Technical Committee, The International
    Conference on Systems Thinking in Management 2000 & 2004.
  • Organised 1st, 2nd & 3rd Business, Management, Accounting & Finance (BMAF) national workshops on teaching with Simulations, Games & Role-Play, 2008-2011.

Other academic activities

Programme Leader – BSc Business Management Information Management Systems (HKU Space Partnership), 2021-Present

Additional information

Trustee, Gwellheans (Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Charity), Redruth, Cornwall, 2012-2015