COAST Engineering Research Group

The COAST Engineering Research Group is a leading team of coastal and ocean engineering researchers carrying out both fundamental and applied research.

The group contains recognised specialists in laboratory modelling, numerical modelling, field experimentation and theoretical analysis.

COAST Engineering Research Group is focused firmly on major problems facing society regarding rising sea levels, flood risk, and marine renewable energy which have been highlighted in recent Government reviews. 

These include the OST’s Foresight Flood and Coastal Defence Project, the Stern Review, DEFRA’s National Appraisal of Assets at Risk (2001) report that estimated that 4–5 million people could be affected by flood and coastal erosion, and DEFRA’s National Assessment of Defence Needs and Costs (2004) report that stated that the capital value of assets at risk could be approximately £250 billion, and the Government’s set target of 15% of electricity supply being generated from renewable energy by 2015.

The University of Plymouth is ranked 8th worldwide in the field of Marine and Ocean Engineering in the 2017 Shanghai Rankings

We are always interested in receiving enquiries from industry regarding practical engineering problems and individuals interested in pursuing research as graduate students.

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