Rupert Lorraine

Rupert Lorraine

Director of The Arts Institute

The Arts Institute (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Development and Partnership Manager

Responsible for working with Senior Leaders in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business to identify strategic development priorities, progressing related projects in support of the University's mission to deliver world-class research and meaningful collaborations with businesses and the community.

Our highly skilled team brings industry and academia together for mutual benefit. We offer businesses free access to a unique pool of talent, funding and resources which can help you to innovate and grow. We offer University staff and students access to our network and opportunities, support to develop projects and collaborations and a platform to showcase your talents and achievements. Our overall aim is to drive economic growth, productivity and resilience and make Plymouth a more attractive place to study, live, work and visit.


MPhil Engineering   

Research investigation carried out part-time to develop a best-practice framework for the implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) within Low-Technology-Enabled Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (LTESMEs).


BSc (Hons) Marine Sports Technology

Awarded First Class Honours. This course was developed in response to demand from the Marine Engineering Sector and included a range of relevant modules spanning business and enterprise, design, manufacturing and composites. 


Chartered Marine Technologist (CMarTech)*     

I am in the final stage of applying to become a Chartered Marine Technologist, based on my proven ability to harness, exploit, manage, use and apply technology in the pursuit of wealth creation in the Marine Sector.


SFEDI Accredited Business Advisor        

The SFEDI Endorsed Award for Business Advisors is based on the candidate’s ability to help small business owners assess, develop and improve through both changes to the business and themselves.


CMI Chartered Manager Award    

The Chartered Manager Award is based on the candidate’s ability to demonstrate: a record of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), the practical application of Leadership and Change Management skills to achieve significant ‘Business Impact’, as well as the ability to articulate these competencies at a panel interview.


CMI NVQ Level 4 Management                 

I have been a member of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI) since 2006.




Research interests

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) including 3D CAD/CAM/CAE
3D Animation
Integrated Design & Manufacture
Leadership & Management
Organisational Culture
Change Management
Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Other research

MPhil thesis:

"The Development of a Best-Practice Framework for the implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) in Low-Technology Enabled Small & Medium Enterprises (LTESMEs)"