Fishing port of Brixham, Devon.
We are shaping positive change in the way humans interact with the ocean by providing the scientific evidence to underpin, design and implement safeguards for its sustainable exploitation.
Our research informs policies that ensure the long-term viable provision of ecosystem services, such as food, recreation and tourism, maritime shipping and heritage, and health and wellbeing.

Research centres and groups

Through our whole-system transdisciplinary approach to solutions-oriented research, we are supporting the move to a sustainable blue economy

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Centre of Research excellence in Intelligent and Sustainable Productive Systems (CRISPS)

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Maritime Transport Research Group

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Centre for Coastal Communities


Making an impact through leading research and expertise

Our longstanding, reputable portfolio of research and innovation, ensures we are well-placed to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals and inform national and international policy.
  • The first to develop long-term integrated research on Marine Protected Areas.
  • The first to demonstrate the application of habitat mapping and modelling in the deep sea.
  • Influenced aquaculture legislation and industry practices both in the UK and the EU, leading to greater productivity and sustainability and supporting food security.
  • Contributed to the UK Government POSTnote: Public health and climate change: a One Health approach.
  • Developing plankton indicators for the first UK-wide assessment of marine biodiversity.

Study opportunities

Our marine- and ocean-related degrees are supporting the next generation of thinkers and change-makers to play their part in the sustainable blue economy.