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Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are increasingly advocated as an effective means to tackle climate change and its impacts, alongside a suite of environmental problems from pollution to biodiversity loss. NbS also offer considerable potential to improve societal and economic outcomes through nature-based actions often involving restoration of damaged ecosystems or the integration of nature into human development. How these NbS are implemented, managed and communicated however, will be critical to ensure they provide the maximum utility when and where they are needed for collective societal and environmental goals. Integral to this is a focus on trans-disciplinary working which connects research with practice and local communities. This new group welcomes researchers and practitioners from across disciplinary boundaries and study systems who are working or interested in NbS to explore how they can best be implemented to ensure successful and applied NbS.

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BIOBLOCKs show how coastal designs could benefit marine life

There is growing concern about the impacts of ocean sprawl on marine ecosystems. We're researching how eco-engineering techniques, such as BIOBLOCKS, can be used to mimic natural rock pools, pits and crevices on artificial structures to support native biodiversity.

How do invasive species facilitate other invasive species?

Do positive interactions between marine invaders increase the likelihood of invasion into natural and artificial habitats? 

Video credit: Hannah Whitman, Marine Biology student, University of Plymouth.

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Coral underwater. Nature-based Solutions Research Interest Group
Greenwall. Nature-based Solutions Research Interest Group. 
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Nature-based Solutions Research Group


Nature-based Solutions Research Group
Roy Tam - Nature-based Solutions Research Group
Nature-based Solutions Research Group

Applied Nature-based Solutions Research Interest Group - applying nature-based solutions for ‘real world impact’

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