Make a difference by studying sustainable production and consumption

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals influence our research and your learning

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Every year, one third of all food produced is wasted, partially due to poor harvesting processes., 2021

We're exploring how to minimise food waste and disposal across the value chain by understanding consumer trends and changes to buying behaviour, to build supply-chain resilience. 
<p>Large amount of wasted food</p>

Our researchers are exploring ways to minimise food waste through technological agriculture and land research

We are recognised as an innovative leader in higher education for sustainability, across teaching and learning, research and our University operations

<p>harvesting robot</p>

Agri-Tech Cornwall
Helping the United Kingdom become a world leader in agricultural technology and sustainability

<p>Stock market investment trading graph<br></p>

Capitalising on trade: the rising importance of freeports
Helping SMEs to establish more efficient and economic trade operations

<p>University of Plymouth Invenite magazine.  Issue 2. Sustainable Earth<br></p>

'Care for the land' project in East Africa
Ensuring socio-economic resilience to the impacts of soil erosion on agriculture

<p>SDG12 food production. Robot arm with a cauliflower</p>

Join the response and make a difference with a masters

At Plymouth, you’ll be part of a community that takes food production and its waste seriously.
Our masters programmes are specifically designed to channel your passion for minimising the planet's waste.

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