Biomedical Research Group


Our research is aimed at understanding the molecular and cellular processes underlying human health and disease with a key aim to translate this research into diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Investment in state-of-the-art genomic and proteomic technologies has allowed a systems-led approach to explore the interacting networks of genes, molecules and cells underpinning disease processes. Our research in Disease and Diagnostics utilises interdisciplinary approaches to identify novel molecular disease markers and therapies. The major research themes are:

Infection, Immunity Inflammation

Professor Simon Jackson, Centre Director


Michael Jarvis is working with virologists at Oxford to find a vaccine for Hepatitis C; they have just been awarded a grant for this work from the Medical Research Council.

The children's charity Action Medical Research has awarded Sylwia Ammoun £65,000 to support her work on drug therapies for Merlin-deficient tumours. Read the Action Medical Research article for details.

Mat Upton has been awarded £217,000 as Lead Academic on an Innovate UK/BBSRC award to help develop new antibiotics.

Simon Jackson has just been awarded £300,000 from NERC and Dstl for his project 'Detection and characterisation of bacterial lipopolysaccharides in bioaerosols and identity of the inflammatory pathways elicited for the protection of public health.


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