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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals influence our research and your learning

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

If the UK is to hit its ambitious efficiency targets, then we need to ensure that our buildings are performing to their maximum capabilities. We’re trying to change the world, physically change it.

Steve GoodhewSteve Goodhew
Professor of Environmental Building and Discipline Leader

Cities account for over 60% of energy consumption., 2021
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Our researchers are harnessing new thinking around sustainable cities and communities

We are recognised as an innovative leader in higher education for sustainability, across teaching and learning, research and our University operations

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The CobBauge project
Using natural materials to reduce energy used in buildings and construction

Smart cities viewed through technology

Helping to design a smarter tomorrow
Learn more about Katharine Willis, Professor of Smart Cities and Communities

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Net-Zero Carbon / Climate Action
We recognise that achieving net-zero is a whole-system challenge that requires sustained and coordinated action across all sectors of society

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Join the response and make a difference with a masters

At Plymouth, you’ll be part of a community that cares about sustainable cities and communities.
Our masters programmes are specifically designed to channel your passion for creating sustainable urban areas. 

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