Environmental biotechnology induction - plant. Shutterstock.

The Environmental and Applied Biology Research Group uses molecular and cellular approaches to evaluate risks from natural and anthropogenic hazards and ensure global food security


Academic staff

Technical staff

Postdocs, KTPs and RAs

PhD/Graduate Researchers

  • Mohammed Aldarkazali
  • Poppy Hesketh-Best
  • Matthew Koch
  • Rosemarie Disney
  • Andrew Jones
  • Nicholas Purdue
  • Lucy Sykes
  • Alex Santillan Sarmiento
  • Dean McKeown 
  • Ahmad Mansur 
  • Agapery Pattinasarany
  • Nikie Pontefract
  • Kurt Servin
  • Ranj Salaie
  • Ciaran Griffin
  • Charlotte Crowther
  • Tristan Holmes
  • Ruwaidah Mussttaf