Antibiotic resistant pathogens research group

Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistant infections are one of the leading threats to human health and modern medicine. The WHO and international governments have stated that urgent measures are needed to avert the crisis we face.

Discovery of new antibiotics

In our group, we have a programme of drug discovery to help meet the need for new antibiotics. Our lead antimicrobial, epidermicin, has unique activity in a relevant infection model and is in pre-clinical testing.

These antibiotics are of a new class (bacteriocins), have novel mechanisms of action and have excellent potential for development into the next generation of powerful antibiotics to treat and prevent drug resistant infections.

Understanding and treating drug-resistant infections

We study pathogens that cause drug resistant infections. Our particular focus is on urinary tract infections, which are one of the most common bacterial infections and the cause of enormous levels of antibiotic prescription, much of which is not necessary or justified.

We have significant expertise in analysis of the genetic relationships of these bacteria (using genome sequence analysis and sequence typing), which helps us understand the factors that lead to development of antibiotic resistance and the way the infections are spread.

We use the Galleria mellonella larvae infection model, cell culture and high-resolution proteomic methods to analyse the pathogenicity of these bacteria. By understanding the way that these bacteria cause disease and avoid the action of our immune system, we aim to identify new targets for therapeutic drugs and vaccines.


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Meet the antibiotic resistant pathogens research team and our collaborators

Meet our team

Antimicrobial resistance

Dr Mat Upton speaks about the ongoing antibiotic discovery work in his group at the Sustainable Earth Institute conference. Antibiotic resistance is a real threat to the sustainability of modern medicine.

Antibiotic resistance

In this video, Dr Mathew Upton, Associate Professor (Reader) in Medical Microbiology, talks about his work with antibiotics.
A major area of Dr Upton’s research is in the discovery and development of a new class of antibiotics; antimicrobial peptides, for use in treating and preventing drug-resistant infections such a MRSA, potentially with one dose.

How can we fight antibiotic resistance?

As part of the ‘Science in the News Explained’ public talks, Dr Mathew Upton, discusses what action we can take to combat antibiotic resistance.