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Our mission is to advance sustainable use of the marine environment through our systems-thinking approach to research, education and innovation.

With one of the largest marine and maritime portfolios of any institution in Europe, we have a long-held and outstanding international reputation for conducting world-leading, transdisciplinary research.

Through this, with our partners and collaborators, we are developing and optimising positive interventions in response to global challenges, while training the scientists and business leaders of the future.

We have joined forces with the Marine Biological Association and Plymouth Marine Laboratory to launch Marine Research Plymouth. Collectively, we host the largest number of marine scientists in any UK city and establish Plymouth as an international centre of excellence for marine research.

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From first coining the word ‘microplastics’ to leading the UK’s offshore renewable energy consortium and launching world-first maritime cybersecurity facilities, our researchers are making headlines in the pursuit of healthy, resilient oceans.

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<p>A replica of Captain Cook's ship HMS Endeavour in Whitby, North Yorkshire. The ship is now home to The Endeavour Experience (Credit Shutterstock)<br></p>
Could shipworms be destroying the wreck of Captain Cook’s Endeavour?

Dr Reuben Shipway has studied the wreck thought to be HMS Endeavour and identified the particular species present at the wreck site

16 August 2022

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