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The University of Plymouth has a rich maritime history that underpins our strong reputation in this area. Our researchers recognise the changes taking place in the maritime business world. 

Whilst the ship is still a critical part of the supply chain, other activities such as international logistics, port activity and intermodal operations all play a key role in maritime commerce.

International Shipping and Logistics 

Research in this group is focused on governance of the maritime logistics and supply chain management sectors, with a particular emphasis upon the developing and transitional economies and how they interact in the context of globalisation, sustainability, risk and security. Staff in our group undertake substantial but focused research in areas of:

  • international shipping
  • international logistics
  • supply chain management 
  • economics
  • finance.

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Maritime Cyber Threats

The Maritime Cyber Threats Research Group brings together leading-edge multidisciplinary research and practical expertise from across the University. Current research interests include:

  • Vulnerability analysis for existing ship-based systems
  • Threat assessment for ship-based operations, including human decision making
  • Supply chain vulnerability for maritime operations
  • Process and training to decrease cyber attack vulnerability
  • Understanding psychological perceptions of, and responses to, risk and threat.

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Marine and Maritime Law 

Members of the Law and Criminal Justice group have research interests in numerous aspects of environmental regulation and marine and maritime law including:
  • Regulation waste law
  • Environmental Impact assessment
  • Protection of cultural heritage
  • Maritime Safety, Marine Insurance and Carriage of goods by sea
  • Responses to wildlife crime (both nationally and internationally)
  • Marine and terrestrial conservation
  • Animal welfare reform.
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Navigation and maritime science

The Plymouth School of Navigation was founded over 150 years ago, providing vocational education to merchant seamen of the Victorian era. Thanks to the Marine Navigation Centre, that legacy of training and development is delivered to a new generation of professional seafarers through modern, state-of-the-art facilities, including the CAD Modelling facility where new visual scenes are developed for use in the ship simulator.

Marine Navigation Centre

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