A small village on the coastal line in Cornwall [shutterstock_87644971]

Marine Conservation Research Group 

The Marine Conservation Research Group investigates the consequences of human activity on marine biodiversity and its ecosystem services in order to provide scientific evidence and management advice for the benefit of marine ecosystems and society. 
Within the group, there are several units working in key areas of marine conservation:
Underwater landscape, coastal

Catchment and River Science

The Catchment and River Science research group undertakes basic, applicable and applied science relating to fluvial processes within catchments and river systems. Their conceptual approach stresses the importance of linkages between geomorphology and hydrology to riverscape ecology and ‘source-to-sea’ understanding of the aquatic system.

River Avon

Quaternary environments research group

The Quaternary Environments research group are working at the cutting edge of research into past global environmental change. A major focus of recent work has been the improved understanding of rapid environmental transitions during periods when the Earth System has readjusted to abrupt climatic shifts, giving a long-term perspective on projected 21st-century warming and sea-level rise.

Estuary - quaternary environments

Coastal geography and marine policy staff