Dr Lise Hunter

Dr Lise Hunter

Lecturer in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management  


  • SFHEA, 2019
  • PhD, 2013, Plymouth University
  • HEA, 2014, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • MSc, International Finance and Trade, 1984, The American university, Washington, DC, USA. Graduated with "double distinction".
  • BA, Macroeconomics, 1980, University of Yaounde, Cameroon. Graduated with "distinction".

I have been a Lecturer with Plymouth University Faculty of Business since August, 2012.
I started my professional career in the financial sector in 1980, working as a Trainee with the Central Bank in Cameroon after completing a BSc in Macroeconomics and Monetary policy. Two years later, I went to the USA to complete an MSc in International Finance and Trade at The American University in Washington, D.C. Following intern positions with the Transnational Investment Incorporated in Washington, DC, I joined the African Development Bank in 1987 working in the Finance Vice Presidency for eight years. My time with the Bank was critical in gaining an in-depth understanding of financial institutions particularly in relation to international development and trade related policies. Unsustainable levels of sovereign debt dominated the debate during the 90s and it was a particularly challenging experience. Working at the time within the Financial policy Planning department, I was a member of the task force that contributed to the Baker Plan on debt cancellation, leading to the existing classification of debt levels in relation to developing countries. The picture is much different today with an increased understanding that the real drivers of sustained and positive development are education and trade.
In 1996, I joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a Trade and Investment Manager, a unique opportunity that enabled me to build on my international experience. I spent 10 years building success for UK businesses between French-speaking West Africa and the UK. My husband and I relocated in Devon in 2005 where I continued to work as an International Trade Advisor with UK Trade and Investment for the South West Region, leading on the aid-funded business sector.  

Prior to joining the University, I was a Business Advisor for SERCO working on European Competitiveness programme for SMEs. With over 15 years of experience in international business, I was keen to deepen my understanding of the business world and in 2008, I enrolled as a part-time research student with Plymouth University. I completed my PhD in 2013 on a programme of work investigating the interdependence between Entrepreneurship and Social Capital and why this interplay drives innovation and competitiveness. SMEs in the South West Region food and drink manufacturing offered the context for empirical research. 

I bring in my role as a teacher a deep understanding and a multi-perspective insight into global business and the evolving employment market, which is very beneficial to my students in terms of grasping the complexities of the world of work.

Professional membership

  • HEA, 2019 - Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • CMI, 2017 - Chartered Management Institute
  • HEA, 2014, Higher Education Academy.
  • IoD Cert., 2011 - I have been a member of The Institute of Directors since 2011
  • ISBE, 2009 - Member of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, since 2009. This membership keeps me in touch with ground breaking knowledge and educational practices in the field of entrepreneurship, small businesses and the impact of business on community well-being.
  • IoE Dip., 2005 - I have been a member of the Institute of Export since 2001. This has given me a privileged insight into the evolution of world trade since the creation of WTO through access to practical knowledge and industry expertise.

Roles on external bodies

  • Member of the Advisory Board for The South West Business Council
  • Member of the Advisory Group for Plymouth International Trade Club



Teaching interests

International Trade  
Knowledge and expertise in international trade, trade facilitation and global value chains. Teaching at Undergraduate and MSc levels

Managerial Accounting and Decision Making for Maritime Business
Shipping Finance for Undergraduate and MSc students

Research Methods
Research skills for international business, quantitative research design and advanced multivariate statistical modelling

Research project supervision
 Undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels

Financial Accounting and Managerial Decision Making, Shipping Finance
Knowledge and expertise in financial management, budgeting and investment decision making applicable to Maritime and International Trade
Personal Tutoring and Employability 
Although not an academic module, this is certainly an important part of my role. To help students understand that human capital is made of knowledge, skills and understanding of the real world of work is essential. However, to explain that in real life attitude matters most and provides a leverage to make us who we are in a holistic sense is something I value and a responsibility I take very wholeheartedly. It is equally important to help students recognise and develop skills that industry will need in the years to come so that they can make informed career choices and achieve the best of their potential.

Staff serving as external examiners

  • University of Ulster
  • Coventry University



Research interests

My main areas of research are articulated around the following topics:

  • SMEs and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and Social Capital  
  • Social Networks and Innovation
  • SMEs and food sector
  • Internationalisation

Other research

Other research interests include Trade competitiveness and transport; Transnational education; Sustainability and Circular Economy


Research degrees awarded to supervised students

PhD - 3 completions and 8 currently being supervised

Grants & contracts

2012, DFID, UK Department for International Development grant for a study on Entrepreneurship Education in eastern Africa - GBP 100,000

Wheeler, D., Kaijage, E., Hunter, L., Brown, S., Abdelnour, S. and Ochieng, D. (2012). Supporting entrepreneurship education in eastern Africa. A report prepared for the Department of International Development. Available online at http://r4d.dfid.gov.uk/pdf/outputs/Misc_Education/Entrepreneurship-Education-East-Africa-2013%20.pdf.

2019, GCRF for Clean Water Project in Kenya and Tanzania, capacity building for small enterprise in water distribution - GBP 55,600

Devon Agri-Tech Accelerator – DATA: Sector Research and Mapping Report.  UK Government Community Renewal Fund (CRF). January-July 2022. Total Project Cost £503,318.58

UK-ESRC Festival of Science: How to tackle food crisis from a value chain perspective. October 2022.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted


Zubairu, N., Dinwoodie, J., Hunter, L. and Roh, S. (2021) “Supply chain strategies as drivers of financial performance in liquefied natural gas networks” Supply Chain Management an International Journal. Accepted for publication manuscript SCM-08-2020-0389.R2.

Liu, H., Mangla, S., Hernandez, J.E., Elgueta, S., Zhao, G., Liu, S., Hunter,L. (2020) “Key operational and institutional factors for improving food safety: a case study from Chile” Production Planning and Control. https://doi.org/10.1080/09537287.2020.1796137.

Hunter, L. and lean J. (2018) . Entrepreneurial learning: a social context perspective - Evidence from Kenya and Tanzania.Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol. 25, 4. 

Hunter, L. and Lean J. (2014). Investigating the role of entrepreneurial leadership and social capital in SME competitiveness in the food and drink industry, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 1- 12.

Zhao G, Suklan J, Liu S, Lopez C & Hunter L (2023) 'Does the transcultural problem really matter? An integrated approach to analyze barriers to eHealth SMEs’ development' International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research , DOI Open access
Zubairu N, Dinwoodie J, Govindan K, Hunter L & Roh S (2021) 'Supply chain strategies as drivers of financial performance in liquefied natural gas networks' Supply Chain Management , DOI Open access
Lu H, Mangla S, Fernandez JE, Elgueta S, Zhao G, Liu S & Hunter L (2020) 'Key operational and institutional factors for improving food safety: a case study from Chile' Production Planning and Control 0, 0-0 , DOI Open access
Hunter L & Lean J (2018) 'Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Learning from a social context perspective: Evidence from Kenya and Tanzania' Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development 25, (4) 609-627 , DOI Open access
Hunter L & Lean J (2014) 'Investigating the role of entrepreneurial leadership and social capital in SME competitiveness in the food and drink industry' The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 15, (3) 179-190 , DOI Open access
Conference Papers

Vella A. and Hunter, L. (2020) Logistics Research Network (LRN 2020) “Exploring financial alternatives for sustainable shipping: A case study of European shipyard”. Online

Hunter, L., Panagiotis Tziogkidis, P. and Roh, S. (2018) Enabling trade index: first insights from an alternative weighting scheme, LRN Conference 2018 University of Plymouth.

Bennett, M. Dinwoodie, J. and Hunter, L. (2017) UK container shipping flows to 2045: Delphi perceptions, LRN Conference 2017 (Southampton Solent, UK) 


Wheeler, D., Kaijage, E., Hunter, L, Brown, S., Ochieng, D. and Abdelnour, S. (2012). Supporting Entrepreneurship in East Africa. A report prepared for the Department for International Development. Available at DFID



Reports & invited lectures

I have worked with SMEs in the SW advising on internationalisation strategy and aid-funded business
My research work in Kenya and Tanzania has helped me develop relationships that continue to be useful in commercialisation initiatives, particularly in the food sector. 

Conferences organised

Brexit series 2018 – Brexit and International Trade: Opportunities and Challenges for the South West


July, 2017 - SW International Trade Summit in partnership with the Institute of Export and International Trade (IoEIT).


Other academic activities

Programme Lead, BSc Hons Management Practice Online Top-Up