Maritime Cyber Threats research group


As a Tier1 National UK threat, cyber-attacks can cost companies millions in a maritime cyber-attack. As the world heavily depends on maritime operations, we at the University of Plymouth have been researching maritime cyber-threats as few organisations have the capability, connections, and facilities to do so. This group is uniquely placed to make significant contributions in maritime cyber-security and brings together leading-edge multidisciplinary research and practical expertise from across UoP and beyond.

Current projects

  • Compiling a body of knowledge article for the area of maritime cyber-threats.
  • Vulnerability and risk analysis for existing ship-based systems.
  • Threat assessment for ship-based operations and human decision making.
  • Supply chain vulnerability for maritime operations.
  • Cyber-security for autonomous vessels.
  • Process and training to protect mariners and ships against cyber-attacks.
  • Understanding psychological perceptions of, and responses to, risk and threat.

We continuously engage in discussions and collaborative research with academia, government and industry in all areas related to maritime cyber-threats.  Part of our research and training is held in the University ship simulators, and the team is in active collaboration with the cyber-security aspect of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship project and in supplying relevant training for maritime-security.

Staff Profiles