Seif Abdelgabbar

After graduating from BSc (Hons) Maritime Business and Logistics in 2017, Seif Abdelgabbar has worked as an intern for Maridive in Egypt.

This is Seif's story

After completing my course, I realised that this industry was my calling. I grew a passion towards the maritime world and it has opened up my eyes to so many opportunities, that I can’t wait to embark upon.

My favourite memory was the day the results of my first year came out. After struggling to graduate from school, I was really worried I wasn’t going to make it at university. When the results came out with Firsts in all my subjects, the feeling was indescribable.

The University stood by me every step of the way, with anything I needed help with. I will always appreciate this."

Studying at Plymouth

"I wanted to study something different than most people. I didn’t know much about the course or the industry but I knew studying something which appealed to me - the sea - would definitely make me enjoy what I was studying. Only after I started university did I know how significant Plymouth was in the maritime industry.

Plymouth taught me a lot, mainly how to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds. This greatly improved my communication skills and taught me how to manage my work life.

The main reason I would recommend Plymouth is because it has a very well oriented student environment. In my opinion this improves relations between the students and makes it easier to focus on studies. I really appreciated the induction sessions, which really taught us a lot about our cultural difference. This made getting acquainted with the lifestyle in England a lot easier.

Looking to the future

"Since my graduation, I have been interning with Maridive Group. The company specialises in offshore marine and oil services, mainly through the use of OSVs. I have been working in the commercial department, handling a variety of tasks and learning how this industry operates.

Besides my internship, I have been going through the process of enlisting in the Egyptian military as we have conscription here. I will be starting my service in April this year, and will complete it 13 months later.

Once I complete my service, I hope to return to the industry stronger than ever, ready to flourish in my career.

On another note, I have been exploring many of Egypt’s beautiful locations, which I wasn’t able to do while studying. I have been kitesurfing and scuba diving a lot more since I got back, which are my favourite two activities at the moment."

Follow in Seif's footsteps

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