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Ocean science graduate Zoe Waring dives for data in the depths of Antarctica

"It’s very hard to describe what it is like to live in Antarctica year round, as there is nothing quite like it."

Since graduating, Zoe Waring's role is now as a Marine Assistant at the Rothera research station in Antarctica, where she has had to live and work with the contrasts of this extreme environment.

Zoe's diverse job has seen her dive through sea ice to collect data to help the study of local species and the effects of global warming, as well as scale mountains, and live through the plunging temperatures and even total darkness that winter brings.

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<p>Zoe Waring</p>

Zoe seal spotting in the sunshine

<p>Adam Cook</p>

Adam Cook at Dartmoor Zoological Park

Environmental science graduate Adam Cook's experience as a conservationist and entrepreneur

"My career now has a lot of strange segments like bear tracking in Italy, our own sustainable coffee brand, and animal science, but they all feed into one another nicely."

Encouraged to see "both sides of the environmental story", and to get out and speak to lots of different people, Adam's wide range of interests have enabled his career to go in many different directions.

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Animal behaviour and welfare graduate Lianne Ottewell's moon bear rescue tale

"Find something you love and pursue it. This is what I did. This is my story of how my passion for animals as a child grew into a fulfilling career that allows me to help rescued bears across the world."

Lianne's dream placement to China inspired her to save moon bears held in captivity and after graduating from Plymouth, she began working in the UK offices of Animals Asia in 2017 as a Senior Supporter Care Executive.

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<p>Alumni: Lianne Ottewell&nbsp;</p>

Lianne Ottewell