Perci Orasio, BSc (Hons) Marketing graduate

My sixth form teachers told me I talk too much and that I would be a great marketer. After doing some research I realised that there was so much I could do with a marketing degree and that's where my journey began.

Applying classroom theory to real life

I'm a Client Executive at Pentawards and more recently the Marketing Manager for The Good Cup (UK & Europe) within the branding, packaging and sustainability sector. Generally it was an easy transition from my graduate role within the agency and I was able to apply the theories from the classroom into my actual job. My favourite parts of the job are the incredible clients I've worked with; Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Patagonia, Pantone, Puma and Unilever. I've been able to work and learn from leading experts while having autonomy on all my projects. 
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Getting a head start at Plymouth

I feel that Plymouth's 'marketing with a conscience' approach was special and it really resonated in all our lectures.
Our client-led projects and modules were a high point of the course. These gave us chance to see what it's like to work on real life projects with clients.
Personally, I have to give my thanks to Jane Hudson and Dr Ben Siu for their advice and guidance related to my learning, development and work experience. I don't know if I would have made it without their support.
I gained so many skills during my time at Plymouth, including understanding consumer behaviours. These skills helped me land interviews and other opportunities prior to securing a graduate role. But my top three skills learned would be research, critical thinking and communication. These skills enabled me to easily communicate with senior executives without feeling intimated by their titles and position.
Marketing is a degree that allows you to explore all the departments within a business. My marketing experience has opened doors to jobs in numerous industries and positions. I've worked in business development, sales, events and creative direction. Marketing is at the core of every business. 

A placement gave me confidence

I would 1000% recommend a placement to anyone who intends to get a job in the field after graduation. I was able to see how classroom theories were applied in the real world. I learned a lot about myself and how to navigate my way through the corporate world. It helped to quickly realise which area of marketing I enjoyed and did not.
I applied everything I learned during my study and my placement to launch a brand in my final year. I teamed up with local businesses in Plymouth and hosted several fundraisers while working on my dissertation and part-time job.
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Truthfully, I loved the views around Plymouth and the University. I loved being by the sea. I miss being able to walk 5 minutes and having everything close by. Plymouth also has an incredible community of people who are innovative and champion sustainability. But what I love most about Plymouth is that everyone has the chance to really make something of yourself. If you have an idea, start! The best time to start is at university when you have all those great minds around you.

Plymouth Hoe. Image credit: Jay Stone
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Female student in a demim jacket and green skirt walking down a cobbled street on the Barbican, in Plymouth, UK. 

Marketing at Plymouth

Become a driving force behind modern business. Our degree has deep industry ties and years of student feedback, which we use to shape the course and continuously adapt it to reflect current issues. Including an option to specialise in digital and social media marketing. Become a flexible, skilled communicator with a flair for marketing strategy, giving you the head start needed for a flying career in marketing management, advertising, digital marketing or marketing research.
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