David Hawkins, Law student

"Throughout my time at Plymouth I have found myself challenged and supported. Perhaps most importantly though, I’ve found the entire course enjoyable! The tutors, the classmates, the city all combine as one to give an outstanding law course that balances with student life.  

The course contains a real mix of subjects, from your core modules in the first year to the balance of electives as you progress. There really is a subject for everyone. The assessment criteria are always clear and the range of opportunities is vast to say the least. The University runs a variety of pro-bono units in which students can apply the law and represent clients in matters from employment to family. The Student Law Society offers students an even wider breadth of competitions including mooting, debating, mock trials, negotiations and national advocacy, to name a few. 

The support of the School means that students can take part in everything and have an outstanding CV come graduation. All this combined really does mean the law courses have everything a student could ask for. 

To answer the question of why I came to Plymouth, the answer is simple; my A level law teacher (who was a former solicitor) and I sat down and looked at a variety of universities and we agreed Plymouth offered the most out of any of them. Looking back and talking to friends at other institutions, she was right. Since starting I haven’t looked back, and can look to the future with confidence."

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