Elliot Lyons

Current employer: The Met Office

Current job title: Senior Communications Executive

Current location: Exeter

Elliot is a BA (Hons) Marketing graduate and a communications specialist. Elliot’s experience covers all aspects of marketing including market and customer research, marketing planning, product pricing, brand management, PR, advertising, and integrated communications. He is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
His career started in the private sector for a company called Crown Golf, where he worked in a marketing position just before graduation. Soon after graduating, he worked in a marketing role at the University of the West of England, Bristol, for three years. He then entered the public sector to work for the Met Office – the UK’s national weather and climate service based in Exeter. Here, he is currently responsible for managing a whole range of marketing communications projects for the brand’s services for businesses, from new product launch campaigns to communications strategy.

Prior to this, he was Brand Manager at the Met Office, where he worked across the organisation to internally launch and embed a new brand mission following the appointment of a new Chief Executive. Parallel to this, he was responsible for the development and enforcement of brand guidelines where he worked with creative and digital specialists on the development of a new app and visual brand guidelines, all to support the Met Office in its brand mission to be ‘the global partner of choice for weather and climate services’. 

"I've come to understand that the Met Office is more than just weather forecasts: the Met Office is also trusted to help protect UK armed forces as they plan missions around the weather and with keeping technology safe with space weather forecasts. They help the UK and other economies prosper; for example, the Met Office advises the energy and retail sectors of weather that might affect consumer trends. They also help airlines reduce costs, run safely, and on schedule."

"Around the world, and around the clock, the Met Office co-operates with and supports businesses, agencies, and governments in making short and long-term decisions, making the world a safer and more resilient place tomorrow and for the years to come. I am extremely proud to be working for such an institution."

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