George Bradley - MSc Marketing Management and Strategy graduate

"I certainly would recommend Plymouth University."

Why did you choose Plymouth University to do your degree course?

Having completed by undergraduate degree at Plymouth, I knew that I could excel in my studies if I decided to continue onto a postgraduate degree. I knew I would receive exceptional support and guidance from my lecturers, and therefore the decision to stay on was quite easy.

How have you found your time here?

I have had an excellent time at Plymouth University. The University and city as a whole has provided me with a great setting in which to work, live, and complete my masters degree.

Would you encourage prospective students to study with us and why?

I certainly would recommend Plymouth University. The staff at all levels are committed to their students and are really motivated to help them to succeed. It is a university in a great location, with a great atmosphere, and there's definitely a passion for excellence.

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