Ryan Carney, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance graduate
I work in industry as a ‘Finance Business Partner’ for Haas Formula 1 team. I always wanted to work in industry as I personally find the work more enjoyable. I am able to use the finance related analytical skills that I learnt at the University of Plymouth to help and better inform leaders and managers within the organisation. 
This means I do not spend all day at the desk and spend a lot of time meeting with various people within the wider organisation.  
For me the best bit of my job is all the different people I get to work with. I spend a lot of my day helping others. I work with a lot of people that I have always admired as a spectator of Formula 1 and to be involved in so many of the different processes is very surreal. 
The analytical and forward-thinking nature of the job really caught my eye. From forecasting to meeting monthly with budget holders, the work is very dynamic and offers up new challenges every day. 
From an industry standpoint, Formula 1 is very unique and has its own set of financial regulations. This is commonly known as the cost cap and is a regular talking point within the Formula 1 media. Very few people get to work on this and gain the exposure to this that I currently am; I believe this will be very helpful for my future career. The work involves complying to Formula 1’s reporting standards as well as tracking the teams spend to ensure the cost cap is not breached. 
Ryan Carney, Ba (Hons) Accounting and Finance alumni next to formula 1 car

Getting more from accounting

The most exciting part of the course was probably a trip we went on to the Eden Project. As well as seeing everything the Eden Project has to offer, we also got to listen to a presentation from some of their finance professionals. This was a really cool way of seeing examples of practical application of what we learnt on our course.
One of the less fun but best things is all the exemptions you gain from ACA or ACCA exams. I think I finished my degree with 8 ACCA exemptions, this has made the qualifying process so much quicker.
Eden Project

Perfect placement

I did a placement after my second year at Plymouth – this being offered was super helpful. I learnt so much in the year and it really helped in getting my first job after graduating. I worked as an Accounts and Audit Assistant in my placement year. I learnt so much as the role was really technical; these skills were so helpful in my final year of university and helped so much in getting the job I got after graduating. 

Skills for the future

My understanding of everything accounting was at a perfect level when starting my first job. This level of understanding was not the same compared to people working in the accounting profession with economics or business degrees.

If you are interested in a business-related degree, accounting and finance is the best. The technical understanding of the inner workings of a business is unmatched as well as all you learn about the wider financial world. The exemptions you get from ACA or ACCA are unlike any other course and will fast track your progression post-graduation.

Plymouth has some beautiful surroundings. It also very much feels like a student city and this gives you such a unique experience. You are always surrounded by peers.

Aerial view of Plymouth Hoe
Folly ruin at Mount Edgcumbe in the foreground with Drake's Island in the midground and Plymouth in the background.
After you apply. Students walking along the Barbican. 

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