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Frederike Grohmann

Course: MSc Business and Management

Year of graduation: 2016

Current employer: Mondelez International

Current job title: Junior Brand Manager Milka Core DACH

Location: Bremen, Germany

"Coming to Plymouth was a last-minute decision and I received my letter of acceptance one week before I had to pack my bags and move to the UK. This was an exciting time and a decision I have never regretted."

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For marketing and sales, practical experience is a must. I would advise anyone who wants to get into this line of work do an internship or placement during your studies. This will give you industry insights and put your theoretical knowledge to the test. The more industry experience you have the more you know what career path you want to follow. Most companies today require six months of practical experience for entry-level jobs and placements are beneficial for your CV and can help you in your career.

What have you been doing since graduation?

"After graduating from the University of Plymouth, I spent time travelling and visiting friends. Afterwards, I started a graduate scheme in marketing and sales at Mondelez International in Bremen, Germany. I started in the Key Account Management department and have since moved to be a Junior Branch Manager. I am part of the marketing team responsible for Milka chocolate bars in the German-speaking regions."

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How was your experience at Plymouth?

"My decision to study my masters degree in Plymouth is definitely amongst one of the best things I have done in my career. The business and management course I took at the University helped broaden my general business knowledge whilst deepening my understanding of marketing. Many of the jobs I applied for required more than a masters degree and companies wanted to see international experience and practical skills gained from internships.

The course gave me a comprehensive understanding of all business practices but also allowed me to specialise in a certain area. During the course, we worked in different student groups on ‘real life’ case studies which developed collaboration skills and provided practical business knowledge. The dissertation at the end of the course forms your research and helps you to gain strong project management skills. 

The international environment at the University stands out. It benefits students in learning how to work with people from different cultural backgrounds and builds a network with people from around the world. Having been an international student, I really enjoyed living abroad. While I am currently back in Germany I can see myself moving abroad again in the future.

I would recommend undertaking a course at the University of Plymouth. The practical focus of the course, combined with the small course sizes allowed close interaction with the lecturers and gave the right balance between guidance and self-responsibility."

Finding an entry-level job after graduating can be challenging, especially in careers like marketing. You are competing with many other graduates for a limited number of available jobs and getting rejections is part of the process. If you stay persistent and keep motivated, you will eventually find a job which fits your skill set and personality.

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