Nadine Mashingaidze

Zimbabwean Nadine Mashingaidze graduated from BSc (Hons) Business Management (Leadership and HR) in 2016 and MA Human Resource Management in 2018, before moving into a role as HR Manager at GA Solicitors in Plymouth.

Nadine's achievements were recognised at the 2018 Student Employee of the Year Awards where she won the 'Step Up to Leadership Off Campus' award.

This is Nadine's story

When I arrived in Plymouth, I wanted to study hospitality and tourism which I did for two years however, before going into my final year, I decided the course was not challenging enough for me and I changed and studied business management (fast track option). 

I then decided to study my masters with Plymouth as the HR course is accredited by the CIPD of which I am now an associate member.

I received a scholarship for my master’s degree which allowed me to get money off my tuition fees. I was working while studying part-time and now that I am done with university I work full time in a role I absolutely love.

Studying at Plymouth opened my mind up to the opportunities available. 

I thought with my degree I could only stay in a specific field however I was able to branch out and receive career guidance and understand that I don’t have to be so boxed and confined when looking for a job.

Moving to the UK

“I adjusted to living and studying in the UK quite quickly, I have always been an independent and driven individual so I was excited to be here and explore a culture different from mine. 
My favourite memory would be the day I graduated from my undergraduate degree. There is no better feeling than celebrating a day with your friends and family on something that you were able to achieve alone.”

Nadine Mashingaidze

Transferable skills

I really made the most of being in university and the opportunities I could attain. It’s more than just a university for studying, it’s a whole life experience. I used the library a lot, and I also made use of the student services for advice and guidance if I was ever in doubt. The lecturers were great and I would not be the confident young lady I am if it wasn’t for them. Special mention to Mike Leat, Hilary Duckett and Jasmine Kelland.

Besides your course there are so many opportunities to grow and evolve as a person. There’s so much room to try new things and conquer some of your fears, it’s a great stepping stone before you enter into the real world and they will ensure you are as well prepared as you can be.

My main challenge was group presentations – although many students detest doing group work you have to be mindful of which way you look at it. At the end of the day the lecturers are preparing you for the real world in that you don’t choose who you work with, neither do you choose whether or not to present a case study or do research. I’m grateful I went through all that. 

Additionally in life you will meet people who are different from you in culture, upbringing, background and ability – to be able to learn that skill of dealing with different people in university will give you the greatest advantage in the workplace. 

In the first three months of being in my current job I was tasked with changing a process and presenting it to the heads of teams. This involved me having to speak to all support staff gaining their feedback and views, writing a report and analysing the data and then finally presenting my findings and recommendations for change which were all considered and now make up the process we use. It was very exciting and I’m sure I will get to do it again.

I am where I am because of my determination and making sure I maximised on opportunities.

Harness your motivation and determination to succeed

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