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What is Net-Zero Exchange?

The Great South West is on an ambitious journey to become the first region in the UK to achieve net zero, a challenge that will require sustained and coordinated action across a number of different systems and all sectors in society. The Net-Zero Exchange project will support this ambition by bringing researchers and enterprises from a wide range of fields together so we can take a whole-systems approach to net-zero research, engagement and solutions. 
Net-Zero Exchange aims to build on the successes of the Sustainability Hub: Low Carbon Devon project by further developing University connections with enterprises across the Great South West area (Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall), and beyond, and by creating interdisciplinary knowledge exchange opportunities.
Net-Zero Exchange: A network supporting the race to net zero

What is the Net-Zero Exchange working on?

Establishing a researcher/enterprise network
We're working to develop a hive network of researchers and enterprises from across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and beyond.
Hosted on an online platform, our Net-Zero Exchange Network is a space for you to connect and collaborate with others on your journey to net zero, discuss challenges and opportunities in our region, and both offer and find support on cross-cutting net-zero carbon issues.
Our Net-Zero Exchange Network is open to:
  • all researchers from all disciplines and from any university
  • enterprises of any size and any sector, located anywhere across the world.
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Providing knowledge exchange events
We're collaborating with researchers from across the University as well as external stakeholders to develop and deliver a series of knowledge exchange events. Each event is centred on a broad carbon challenge theme, aiming to bring together diverse industries and research areas so we can take a whole-systems view of issues in our region.
In 2024, we’ll be holding a range of both face-to-face and online events around the following themes:
  • buildings and heat
  • transport
  • power (including hydrogen)
  • enterprises wanting to reduce their carbon footprint from all sectors.
Training on Net-Zero
Our Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer, Mr Saul Whitford is working alongside researchers from across the Sustainable Earth Institute's diverse disciplines as well as our external collaborators to develop and deliver:
  • a 3hr Net-Zero Literacy course
  • a 12hr (4-week) Net-Zero Action course
  • a 60hr Future Climate Leaders course.
If you would like to get updates about workshops and courses, sign up to the Sustainable Earth Institute's monthly e-newsletter.
Workshop at the Sustainability Hub
Funding Net-Zero Solutions
We want to enable enterprises across the Great South West and University of Plymouth researchers to team up and take on a carbon challenge, so we're offering funding to support collaborative projects.
Whether you're interested in investigating a building's energy efficiency with state-of-the-art sensor technology or eager to explore alternative fuels, vehicles or processes to reduce travel-related emissions, whether you want to put waste products to work in the circular economy or figure out how to get a team to take positive climate action, we want to find the right project partner for you.
We can offer up to £7,500 to support a research collaboration. The funding can go toward a researcher or a research assistant, and up to 25% of your allocated funding can go toward consumables, including small items of equipment.
Find out more about the Net-Zero Solutions Fund

Who are we?

Net-Zero Exchange has a core project team as well as a steering group of researchers from across the Sustainable Earth Institute and enterprise representatives.

Project Team

  • Manager of the Sustainable Earth Institute/Director – NetZero Exchange
  • Business Development and Partnership Manager - Net-Zero Exchange
  • Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer (Net-Zero Exchange)
  • Network Officer (Communications and Events) - Net-Zero Exchange

Researchers on the Steering Group


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