Sustainable Earth 2024
'Accelerating Action on Net-Zero through Mobilising People-Power' is a free online event and offers the opportunity for researchers, businesses, NGOs, community groups and individuals to come together to hear inspirational speakers, to network, spark ideas and encourage collaborations to tackle global and local challenges around the climate.
With talks from University of Plymouth researchers as well as industry experts and activists, our hope is that you will leave the event energised and equipped with the knowledge to advocate for and take action towards a Net-Zero future.
The free online event will run through the Net-Zero Exchange's online SpotMe platform and will run from 09:30 – 18:00 on the 19 June.
The day-long programme, includes:
  • Two Keynote presentations, from Emily Morrison, Young Foundation and Mike Berners-Lee, Author of “How bad are bananas?”
  • Over 12 guest speakers/chairs, for example from RIBA, British Gas, Plymouth Energy Community, Beryl Bikes, Bath & North East Somerset Council, University Hospitals Plymouth, Plymouth City Council.
  • Over 12 University speakers/chairs, exploring a wide variety of disciplines engaged in this agenda.
  • Three action-oriented workshops, providing case studies and sector findings, sharing tools and strategies to take action at all levels.
  • A documentary screening of the film, Power to the People and after show Q&A.

Keynotes and speakers

Professor Mike Berners-Lee, Lancaster University
Professor Mike Berners-Lee, Lancaster University
Chloe Uden, Art and Energy
Chloe Uden, Art and Energy
Ben Lee, Beryl bikes
Ben Lee, Beryl bikes
Kirsty Wavish, University Hospitals Plymouth
Kirsty Wavish, University Hospitals Plymouth
Sarah Lee, RIBA
Sarah Lee, RIBA
Nik Bowyer, Bath and North East Somerset Council
Nik Bowyer, Bath & North East Somerset Council
Rosie Buckley, British Gas Zero
Rosie Buckley, British Gas Zero
Emily Morrison, Young Foundation
Emily Morrison, Young Foundation

Documentary screening of Power to the People

Cornwall’s Climate Stories is a series of documentaries highlighting the impacts of climate change already being felt across Cornwall, as well as the fantastic local businesses, researchers and community groups working hard to prepare us for the challenges coming our way.
The films focus on specific themes, from housing, transport and fishing to energy, health and farming, looking at how these will be affected in the future.
'Power to the People' explores the exciting opportunities and huge challenges facing us as we wean ourselves off fossil fuels – from a farmer who’s found a novel way to combine food production with solar panels, opportunities to use our historic heritage to power the future, and projects to harness the amazing untapped heat 5km down in the Earth’s crust.

To sign up to our free online event you will be asked to join our SpotMe Platform which is where the event will stream. Our SpotMe platform is a closed online network of businesses, researchers and individuals with an interest in Net Zero. The platform has a wealth of resources and shared knowledge to give people the power to advocate for action on Net Zero.
You can unsubscribe from this platform at anytime.

Conference timetable

9:30 | Welcome to the University of Plymouth
  • Professor Chris Fogwill, Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Plymouth
9:35 | Introduction to Sustainable Earth 2024 and aims for the day
9:40 | Introduction to Net-Zero Exchange and Spot-me platform
9:45 | Keynote Presentation: Our Transition to Net-Zero Must be Government Led and People-Powered
10:15 | Theme: Built Environment
11:15 | Morning break
11:30 | Theme: Power
12:30 | Lunch
12:45 | Keynote Presentation: A Climate of Truth
  • Professor Mike Berners-Lee, Lancaster University
13:15 | Theme: Mobility & Transport
  • Chair Introductions: Nik Bowyer, Bath & North East Somerset Council / Dr Stavros Karamperidis, University of Plymouth
  • Pedal Power – Supporting a shift to Sustainable Transport – the experience of Beryl bikes in Plymouth Ben Lee, Beryl bikes 
  • Engendering long-term change in travel behaviour through free travel for young people Dr Andrew Seedhouse, Chair of the Scottish Government's National Smart Ticketing Advisory Board (NSTAB)
  • Q&A and discussion
14:15 | Parallel sessions
Theme: Enterprises reducing carbon
  • Chair Introductions: Dr Stephen Childe, University of Plymouth/ Paul Gilbert, Oxford Innovation Co.
  • Introduction to the JUMP platform and how it has supported cost and carbon savings within Derriford Hospital Kirsty Wavish, University Hospitals Plymouth
  • Inner Development Goals and the Meaning, Awareness and Purpose (MAP) Model for Climate Coaching Dr Jon Rhodes
  • Q&A and discussion
Theme: Engaging Young People in the Net-Zero Agenda
15:15 | Afternoon break
15:30 | Action workshop parallel sessions
Supporting cultural change and employee engagement through climate leadership Mr Saul Whitford, Net-Zero Exchange, University of Plymouth
Motivating Action on the Climate Emergency through Art-based activities – Chloe Uden, Art and Energy
Developing Community based research Ms Lisa Howard on behalf of Dr Clare Pettinger's FoodSEqual Community Food Research team
16:25 | Short break
16:30 | Cornwall Climate Care Documentary Film showing: Power to the People
17:30 | End

Why attend?

  • Build networks to support research and innovation.
  • Broaden academic collaborations beyond your discipline.
  • Develop ideas for future funding.
  • Catch up on cutting-edge research from sustainability leaders.
  • Connect your research with businesses, social enterprises and community groups.
Businesses, social enterprises, NGOs, community groups, individuals:
  • Build networks to support research and innovation.
  • Broaden collaborations beyond your sector/focus.
  • Develop ideas for future funding.
  • Catch up on the latest research/action from sustainability leaders.
  • Connect your organisation with researchers to accelerate/improve your activity.