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Since September 2012, the Sustainable Earth Institute (SEI), known as the Institute for Sustainability Solutions Research (ISSR) when the manifesto was created, has been working closely with the Low Carbon City Team at Plymouth City Council (PCC) to ensure that opportunities for research collaboration are realised. 

This has resulted in collaboration on a number of SEI projects and other project opportunities. However, it has been recognised that much of this collaboration has been reactive in nature. Hence, the partnership was keen to develop a proactive approach, setting out some of the key local sustainability issues for Plymouth and the related research questions and action learning opportunities.

ISSR and Plymouth City Council research manifesto launch
The purpose of this manifesto is to:
  • Define the unique research opportunities in Plymouth: what research questions and learning areas can support Plymouth’s sustainable growth?
  • Provide a platform for increased co working between University of Plymouth and PCC around a shared research need.
  • Identify priority research themes that support Plymouth’s sustainable growth challenges.
  • Identify medium to long term action learning opportunities linked to delivering sustainable growth.
Research priority themes include:
Health inequalities, natural infrastructure, water quality and flooding, home energy, transport, knowledge economy, sustainable food, governance and participation and housing.

Manifesto launch and project development workshop

Around 90 delegates attended the launch, led by Professor David Coslett and Councillor Tudor Evans in the Sherwell Centre at University of Plymouth on Wednesday 25 February. The research development workshops took place after, with representatives from the University, City Council and local community. The workshops were based on the nine themes highlighted in the research manifesto.

“Our approach to sustainability has been to link teaching, research and campus management together in a single endeavour and that is why University of Plymouth has been consistently ranked as one of the greenest universities in the country, and the world.

Our research influences policy and practice and produces real change in people’s lives. We want to make it even easier to bring together policy makers, practitioners and researchers so that we can take our research and practice and help to deliver change for our communities.”

Professor David Coslett, Interim Vice-Chancellor

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David Coslett and Tudor Evans
Professor David Coslett and Tudor Evans