Professor Janet Richardson

Professor Janet Richardson is a Professor of Health Service Research within the School of Nursing and Midwifery. Janet has been a member of numerous editorial boards including the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Research, Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine (New Zealand) and the National Library for Health Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Nursing sustainability scenario sessions - students engaged in group work

Research interests 

Janet’s research interests are primarily focused on sustainability in society and health and evidence-informed decision-making in health care. 

A recent project Janet has been the driving force behind is ‘Nursing Sustainability by Design’. This project confronts challenges in the health sector through an interdisciplinary teaching approach that brings together students from nursing and the health professions with their contemporaries in 3D Design. 

In 2014 this work won a national Green Gown Award which recognises the exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by tertiary education.

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Nursing Sustainability by Design

We do this for our students – inspiring them with real-world challenges and the chance to work with those from other disciplines so that they can see new perspectives.
A short video on the new sustainability skills approach that brings together nursing and health students, with designers.
MSc Contemporary Healthcare (Community Nursing)

International collaboration

 The NurSus project has involved collaboration with international partners. The project will enhance the sustainability literacy and competency in nursing education through the development of a teaching and learning resource, the NurSusTOOLKIT. The £359,039 project is funded through Erasmus+ and involves Plymouth, Esslingen (Germany), Jaen (Spain) and Maastricht (the Netherlands) universities. 
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