Dr Jennifer Rowntree

Dr Jennifer Rowntree

Associate Professor in Ecological Genetics

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Dr Jennifer Rowntree can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Plant ecology
  • Mangrove forests
  • Biodiversity
  • Soil health
  • Ecological genetics
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Food security


I am an ecological geneticist with a background in plant ecology. I am interested in the genetics of species interactions and use molecular tools to answer ecological questions. I work across a wide variety of systems (plants, pollinators, herbivores, microbes) and biomes (temperate and tropical) and use molecular, experimental and field approaches to answer questions. Current projects include understanding the population and conservation genetics of coastal plants (mangroves, salt marsh) for adaptation and restoration, improving ex situ conservation and reintroduction success of endangered plants (bryophytes, carnivorous plants) and developing molecular tools for the for the quantification of biodiversity in human influenced environments (soil health in agriculture, plant-pollinator networks). I am interested in complex problems that require a cross-disciplinary approach and am a co-investigator on the NERC UK Treescapes: Voices of the Future project and a member of the University of Plymouth @ Environmental Land Management Strategic Knowledge Exchange Hub (ELMS-Exchange).


2022-present, Associate Professor, University of Plymouth
2016-2021, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University
2015-2016, Lecturer, University of Manchester
2011-2014, NERC Independent Research Fellow, University of York; University of Manchester
2007-2010, PDRA, University of Manchester
2004-2006, Conservation Officer, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
2000-2004, PhD Plant Ecology, University of Manchester
1999-2000, MSc Ecology, University of Aberdeen
1993-1997, BSc Chemistry with German (1st Class), University of Sussex

Roles on external bodies

Member of IUCN SSC for Bryophytes (ex situ expert)
NERC Peer Review College and panel member
Royal Society International Exchanges panel member


Teaching interests

Introduction to Biological Sciences (BIOL119Z) - Module lead
Contemporary Zoo Management (ANIM5006) – Module lead
Applied Conservation Biology (BIOL308)
Conservation Ecology and Society (ANIM5008)
Ecology Field Course (BIOL219Z)


Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Primary supervisor
2021 - John Paul Kennedy (PhD) - Genetic Insights into Climate-Driven Range Expansion of a Coastal Foundation Species - Manchester Metropolitan University
2021 - Marciana Galambao (PhD) - Population Genetics, Endosymbionts and Bunchy Top Virus - Studies of Banana Aphid (Pentalonia sp.) in the Philippines - Manchester Metropolitan University - Newton fund
2020 - Emily Schofield (PhD) - Temporal Dynamism, Soil Processes and Niche Complementary: Novel Approaches to Understanding Diversity-Function relationships - Manchester Metropolitan University - joint funding with the James Hutton Institute
2020 - Calum Bridson (PhD) - Interactions between Insect Gut Microbiota and the Environment - University of Manchester - BBSRC DTP
2019 - Graeme Fox (PhD) - Developments in Next-Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics for Ecological Genetics - Manchester Metropolitan University
2019 - Hayley Craig (PhD) - Factors Affecting the Composition, Diversity and Function of Bacterial Communities in Mangrove Soils - University of Manchester - NERC DTP
2017 - Katie Hunter (MPhil) - The Development of Molecular Techniques for the Conservation of Captive Elasmobranchs - University of Manchester
2013 - Richard Sands (MPhil) - Keeping the Bees Buzzing: Improving the Effectiveness of Nectar and Pollen Mixes - University of Manchester
2023 - Xaali O'Reilly-Berkeley (PhD) Community Genetics in Complex Ecological Systems - Manchester Metropolitan University
2022 - Jodies Bates (PhD) - Assessing the Bacterial Zoonotic Risks Associated with the Pet Trade - Manchester Metropolitan University - joint funding with World Animal Protection
2021 - Agnessa Lundy (MRes) - Rhizophora mangle(Red Mangrove) Population Genetic Structure in The Bahamas - Manchester Metropolitan University
2021 - Steven Canty (PhD) - Management of Marine Resources in the Mesoamerican Reef Ecosystem - Manchester Metropolitan University
2018 - Oliver Hughes (PhD) - Orchid-Mycorrhiza Relationships, Propagation of Terrestrial and Epiphytic Orchids from Seed - Manchester Metropolitan University - joint funding with Chester Zoo
2016 - Daniel Lopez (MPhil) - Terrestrial Mammal Communities in Tropical Rainforests of Ecuador - University of Manchester

Grants & contracts

2021-2025 - WATERZOO (Project partner, PI Andy Green), Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, Spain - €164K
2021-2024 - UK Future Treescapes - Voices of the Future (CoI), NERC - FEC~£1.99M
2021 - KTP with I Want Plants (Co-I), Innovate UK - £178K
2020-2021 - Healthy Guts, Healthy Bees (PI with G Fox), Eva Crane - £11K
2019-2021 - Manchester Met Strategic Opportunities Fund PDRA (Dr Graeme Fox) (PI) - £90K
2019 - KTP with Buildchem (Co-I), Innovate/NERC funding - £217K
2017-2021 - Co-funded PhD studentship with World Animal Protection (Co-I; Jodie Bates) - £60K
2017-2020 - DOST-Newton Philippines PhD scholarship (PI; Marciana Galambao) - £54K
2016-2020 - Co-funded PhD studentship with the James Hutton Institute (PI; Emily Schofield) - £38K
2014 - NERC impact accelerator grant - FEC £15K
2013 - NERC impact accelerator grant - FEC £10K
2011-2014 - NERC Independent Research Fellowship FEC £359K


Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Chen J, Cordero I, Moorhead DL, Rowntree JK, Simpson LT, Bardgett RD & Craig H (2022) 'Trade-off between microbial carbon use efficiency and specific nutrient-acquiring extracellular enzyme activities under reduced oxygen' Soil Ecology Letters 5, (2) , DOI Open access
Fox G, Vellaniparambil LR, Ros L, Sammy J, Preziosi RF & Rowntree JK (2022) 'Complex urban environments provide Apis mellifera with a richer plant forage than suburban and more rural landscapes' Ecology and Evolution 12, (11) , DOI Open access
Bridson C, Vellaniparambil L, Antwis RE, Müller W, Gilman RT & Rowntree JK (2022) 'Genetic diversity of honeybee colonies predicts gut bacterial diversity of individual colony members' Environmental Microbiology , DOI Open access
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