Dr Jessie Woodbridge

Dr Jessie Woodbridge


School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Lecturer in Ecosystem Resilience


University of Plymouth:

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science
  • PhD: Physical Geography (2005-2009) Late-Holocene lake diatom- inferred palaeoclimate from central Turkey
  • MRes: Global Environmental Change (2004-2005)
  • BSc Hons: Biological Sciences (First class ) (2001-2004)


  • Lecturer in Ecosystem Resilience 
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow / Senior Research Fellow: 2011-2022
  • Associate Editor: Anthropocene

University of Exeter:
  • Associate Lecturer in Physical Geography and Research Development Advisor: 2018/2019



Teaching interests

University of Plymouth:

Programme Lead: MSc / MRes: Sustainable Environmental Management

BSc Hons: Environmental Science

BSc Hons: Environmental Management and Sustainability

BSc Hons: Geography 



Research interests

Jessie Woodbridge's research interests focus on interdisciplinary approaches to address modern environmental challenges that integrate long-term environmental perspectives. 

PI: "Water security in the agricultural landscapes of Turkey: towards improving the resilience of communities and socio-ecological systems". This research aims to build socio-ecological and community resilience to water resource challenges through a capacity building pilot study based in the Konya Basin (Turkey) using an interdisciplinary approach combining natural and social science methods. Funded by: GCRF, British Academy and NERC Discipline Hopping Fellowship.

PI: "Improving socio-ecological resilience to wildfire in the UK via community engagement and integration of deep-time ecological data into landscape management, which is funded by the Royal Geographical Society and the Association for Environmental Archaeology.

Senior Researcher Fellow: “Biodiversity and land-use change in the British Isles” collaborative research project between the University of Plymouth, Historic England and the University of Birmingham. The research aims to understand how human land-use practices have impacted upon past and present land-cover and biodiversity patterns across the British Isles and the consequences of this for modern conservation.  

Jessie also worked on the "Changing the face of the Mediterranean: land cover and population since the advent of farming" and “Deforesting Europe” projects at the University of Plymouth. This research aimed to reconstruct changes in European land-cover over long (i.e. multi-centennial) timescales using pollen data. Jessie's research background is focused on reconstruction of Holocene palaeoenvironmental change using palaeoecological techniques based on peat and lake-sediment archives. Her PhD research focused on Eastern Mediterranean palaeoclimate.

Grants & contracts

  • Jan 2023: NERC Discipline Hopping Fellowship "Interdisciplinary synergies to enhance socio-ecological resilience to water security challenges in Turkey" (PI: Woodbridge (£13,523)
  • Oct. 2022: NERC (NEIF) "Improving socio-ecological resilience to peatland fire in the UK"  (PI: Woodbridge) (£4,050)
  • May 2022: British Academy grant "Water security in Turkey: lessons from the past to enhance socio-ecological resilience to future challenges" (PI: Woodbridge) (£10,000)
  • Nov. 2020: European Research Council (ERC) Synergy grant. ‘From correlations to explanations: towards a new European prehistory’ (PI: Kristiansen) (€9,759,609: UoP value: £68,491).
  • Jul. 2020: Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). 'Water security in the agricultural landscapes of Turkey: towards improving the resilience of communities and socio-ecological systems'. PI: Woodbridge (£59,242). 
  • Apr. 2020: Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG) Environment and Sustainability Research Grant. ‘Improving socio-ecological resilience to wildfire in the UK via community engagement and integration of deep-time ecological data into landscape management’. PI: Woodbridge (£14,943).
  • Apr. 2020: Association of Environmental Archaeology. ‘Improving socio-ecological resilience to wildfire in the UK via community engagement and integration of deep-time ecological data into landscape management’ PI: Woodbridge (£500).
  • Feb. 2020: Quaternary Research Association small grants scheme ‘Palaeoclimate, land-cover and cultural change in central Turkey’. PI: Woodbridge, Co-Is: Turner/Carrer (U. Newcastle), Woldring (U. Groningen) and Greaves (U. Liverpool) (£900).
  • Dec. 2018: Co-wrote successful application to the Leverhulme Trust as named PDRF. ‘Biodiversity, habitat dynamics and human land-use change over multi-millennial time scales’ (£263,127). (PI: Fyfe).
  • May 2015: Co-wrote successful application to the Leverhulme Trust as named PDRF. Three-year project collaborative between University of Plymouth and University College London: ‘Changing the face of the Mediterranean land cover and population since the advent of farming’ (£298,065).
  • Feb. 2014: Successful bid to conduct research for the Westcountry Rivers Trust (UK) (Diatom analysis to assess the water quality of Westcounty Rivers) PI: Woodbridge (£2,200). 
  • May 2011: Funding obtained from INQUA to attend the XVIII International Quaternary (INQUA) Congress (Bern, Switzerland) (£800).
  • Apr. 2011: Funding obtained from the Quaternary Research Association (QRA) to attend the XVIII International Quaternary (INQUA) Congress (Bern, Switzerland) (£500).
  • Dec. 2010: Co-wrote successful application to the Leverhulme Trust as named PDRF. Three-year project: Deforesting Europe: a pollen-based reconstruction of Holocene land cover change (£146,741).
  • Apr. 2010: Seale Hayne Education Trust funding competition to conduct research into environmental change in reservoir catchments and water quality in Southwest England (UK) PI: Woodbridge (£9,400, fEC: £27,000).
  • Jul. 2009: Successful application for a funded place at the RCUK Joint UK-China Advanced Summer School ‘Tracking Environmental Change Using Lake Sediments’. Lanzhou University, China.
  • Mar. 2007: QRA travel grant to attend the XVII International Quaternary Congress (Cairns, Australia) (£600).
  • Mar. 2006: British Institute in Ankara travel grant to conduct field work in Turkey (£500).
  • Oct. 2005: School of Geography PhD scholarship (University of Plymouth).
  • Oct. 2004: School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Science MRes studentship (University of Plymouth).




Journal articles published:

  • Woodbridge, J., Fyfe, R., Smith, D., de Varielles, A., Pelling, R. et al. (in review: Anthropocene) Agricultural systems regulate plant and insect diversity and drive the emergence of ecosystem novelty.
  • Githumbi, E., Pirzamanbein, B., Lindström, J., Woodbridge, J., Gaillard, M.J. et al. (2022) Pollen-based maps of past regional vegetation cover in Europe over 12 millennia—evaluation and potential, Front. Ecol. and Evol., 10, doi: 10.3389/fevo.2022.795794
  • Strandberg, G., Lindström, J., Poska, A., Woodbridge, J., Gaillard, M.J. et al. (2022) Mid-Holocene European climate revisited: New high-resolution regional climate model simulations using pollen-based land-cover, QSR, 281, 107431.
  • Woodbridge J, Fyfe R. et al. (2021) What drives biodiversity patterns? Using long-term multi-disciplinary data to discern centennial-scale change. J. Ecology.109, 1396-1410.
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  • Niedziałkowska, M., Doan, K., Sykut, M., Fyfe, R., Woodbridge, J. et al. (2020) Red deer (Cervus elaphus) distribution and ecological niche in Europe and Western Asia since the Late Pleistocene. Journal of Biogeography. doi.org/10.1111/jbi.13989
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Peer-reviewed book chapters:

  • Woodbridge, J. Roberts, C.N. and Fyfe, R.M. (2019) Vegetation and land-use change in northern Europe during Late Antiquity: a regional-scale pollen-based reconstruction. Environment and society during the long Late Antiquity: Late Antique Archaeology Journal. Netherlands: Brill. 105.
  • Labuhn, I., Finné, M., Izdebski, A., Roberts, N. and Woodbridge, J. (2019) Climatic changes and their impacts in the Mediterranean during the first millennium CE. Environment and society during the long Late Antiquity: Late Antique Archaeology Journal. Netherlands: Brill. 247.
  • Fyfe, R.M., Bray, L., Juleff, G., Woodbridge, J. and Marshall, P. (2013) The environmental impact of Romano-British ironworking on Exmoor. In: Humphries J and Rehren T (eds) The World of Iron. London: Archetype Publications, 462-472.


  • Woodbridge, J. (2014) Trophic Diatom Index of Southwest Rivers. Report to Westcountry Rivers Trust.
  • Fyfe, R.M., Head, K., Hazell, Z. and Woodbridge, J. (2012) Palaeoecological analyses, Pen-y-Gwryd, Snowdonia. Report for Snowdonia National Park Authority.
  • Fyfe, R.M., Woodbridge, J. and Rowe, J. (2010) Archaeological and palaeoecological survey at Hangingstone Hill, Winney’s Down and Broad Down, Dartmoor. Report for Dartmoor National Park Authority.



Reports & invited lectures

  • Long-term environmental data and modern environmental challenges. University of York. June 2021.
  • Biodiversity and land-use change in the British Isles. Royal Holloway University of London. Mar. 2021. 
  • Mediterranean vegetation change, landscape dynamics and human population trends through the Holocene. University of Cambridge. Feb. 2019.
  • Mediterranean landscape and population change. University of Exeter. Feb. 2019.

Conferences organised

  • Lead convenor: ‘Holocene land-use and land-cover change: advances and applications - from quantifying vegetation change to estimating human impacts on biodiversity’. European Geoscience Union: Sharing Geoscience Online. (May 2020).
  • Proposed, designed, lead organised and convened: University of Plymouth Research Festival interdisciplinary event: ‘Biodiversity at a Crossroads’. (Jan 2020).
  • Co-organiser: Quaternary Research Association Annual Discussion Meeting ‘Data/model inter-comparison in Quaternary research’ held at University of Plymouth (2018).
  • Organised and ran a workshop based on the ‘Changing the face of the Mediterranean’ project on pollen-inferred vegetation, climate and demographic change with 35 participants. (Spain) (Sept 2017).
  • Lead convenor: ‘Land use and land-cover change over Holocene timescales’. European Geoscience Union General Assembly Vienna, Austria (May 2016). 

Other academic activities


  • 2018-2019: University of Exeter NERC/BBSRC Strategy groups. 
  • 2014-2018: University of Plymouth: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (Athena SWAN)
  • 2013-2014: University of Plymouth: Geography Research Committee (Post-Doctoral representative)

Editorial roles:


Leverhulme Trust funded research:

Biodiversity and human land use project 

Deforesting Europe project

Changing the face of the Mediterranean project

RGS-IGB & AEA funded PeakFireRes project (socio-ecological resilience to UK wildfire)

GCRF funded Kuruyan Kara (dryland) project (water security in the agricultural landscapes of Turkey)