Farmer walking on infertile soil

Sustaining land and the life it supports 

Global pressures of climate change and population growth are putting unprecedented pressure on the planet’s natural capital that supports food, water and energy security, the foundations of societal health and wellbeing. 
Explore research from across disciplines focused on the Earth’s terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and the biodiversity they sustain. Learn how researchers are working with communities to co-design solutions to the challenges they face, including degraded land and soils, and how technological advancements are supporting more sustainable agricultural practices.  
SDG15 Life on land
Silhouette of a woman walking through a computer with colourful rainbow connections in a virtual reality.

Environmental intelligence and sensors

Regulators and stakeholders are demanding more real-time data. We are increasingly becoming data-rich and information poor. The University of Plymouth has a national and international track record in specific areas of data acquisition, interpretation and visualisation of environmental data. 
By drawing these strengths together, our experts can deliver the next generation of environmental monitoring and assessment, particularly as we increasingly move towards the need for real-time data and response to the challenges faced across all ecosystems, from life on land to life below water.

Centre of Research excellence in Intelligent and Sustainable Productive Systems (CRISPS)

CRISPS brings together a vibrant community of transdisciplinary researchers, working towards addressing the challenge of sustainably feeding a global population of 9 billion. Founded upon research excellence in aquaculture, agricultural technology and soil health, and underpinned by investment in cutting-edge facilities, the Centre will create the critical mass required to ensure impactful research and real-world deployment in the UK and beyond.
Centre of Research Excellence in Intelligent and Sustainable Productive Systems (CRISPS) lead image showing a hand holding soil and a plant.