Dr Emma Sheehan

Dr Emma Sheehan

Associate Professor of Marine Ecology (Research)

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Over-exploitation of our oceans has degraded biogenic habitats. These habitats act as important nursery and feeding areas for species of conservation and fisheries importance, and provide important ecological and environmental functions including filtering water, binding sediments and capturing carbon. Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and emerging blue industry such as marine renewables and offshore shellfish aquaculture, if managed to exclude destructive human practices, have the potential to restore the health and functionality of biogenic habitats. To inspire and inform ambitious marine policy and management, I lead the applied Marine Ecosystems Research unit https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/research/applied-marine-ecosystems-research-unit/amer that utilises non-destructive techniques, such as underwater video and acoustic telemetry, to assess the effectiveness of spatial management for species and habitats over large spatial and temporal scales.

Please refer to https://sheehanresearchgroup.com/ for the most up to date account of my team's research.


2018: Home Office category C Personal License

2016: Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, University of Plymouth

2015: Commercial HSE Diver

2011-2017: Research Fellow, University of Plymouth, UK

2010-2010: Visiting Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia       

2007-2007: Visiting Research Fellow, University of Sydney, Australia    

2007-2010: Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Plymouth, UK

2003-2007 PhD: “Ecological impact of the Carcinus maenas (L.) fishery 'crab-tiling' on estuarine fauna”, University of Plymouth

2002-2002: Marine Conservation Officer, Natural England, UK   

1998 – 2001: BSc (1st Class Hons) Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology, University of Plymouth, UK

2001-2001: Project coordinator, Atlantic Whale Foundation, Spain       

Professional membership

  • Marine Biological Association of the UK
  • Marine Conservation Society
  • Greenpeace

Roles on external bodies

Co-Chair ICES Working Group on Marine Protected Areas and other Spatial Conservation Measures 

Invited member ICES Working Group on Marine Benthal and Renewable Energy Developments 



Teaching interests

I provide research-led teaching across undergraduate and masters level modules to inform students about our world leading marine conservation research.

I am currently teaching on the following modules:

  • BIO504 Health and Production in Aquaculture
  • MBIO505 Marine Conservation Theory
  • OS304 Marine Ecosystem Conservation
  • MAR526 Introduction to Marine Renewable Energy
  • MAR503 Coastal Impacts



Research interests

For details about my research unit "Applied Marine Ecosystems Research" please refer to https://sheehanresearchgroup.com/

Research staff and projects

I manage a large diverse number of projects with the help of my research team which comprises PhD students, Post-docs and researchers. I also supervise a fleet of masters and honours students: 

For details of staff and projects please refer to our team website: https://sheehanresearchgroup.com/ 

Or see the links below for specific UoP project websites:
Current research team

Dr Thomas Stamp (post doc)
Dr Peter Davies (post doc)
Dr Bede Davies (assistant project manager),
Amy Cartwright (assistant project manager) 
Dr Alice Hall  (project support officer)
Gabrielle Bogart (project manager)
Dr Adam Rees (assistant project manager)

PhD students

Llucia Mascorda – Sheehan (Dos) Hosegood and Attrill. Ecological interactions and Oceanographic effects of an offshore mussel farm

Danielle Bridger – Sheehan (DoS), Rees & Attrill. The ecological and socioeconomic impacts of a new large-scale offshore mussel farm in Lyme Bay

David Cox - Attrill (Dos), Sheehan and Rees. The social and ecological effects of Scallop Ranching

Samantha Blampied – Sheehan (DoS), Rees, Attrill. Evaluating the effectiveness and socio-economic value of MPAs in Jersey’s territorial waters

Past PhD students

Bede Davies - Sheehan (Dos), Holmes and Attrill. Recovery of the Lyme Bay Marine Protected Area

Thomas Stamp - Sheehan (Dos), Robbins, West, Plenty, Attrill. The ecology and distribution of European Sea bass in the UK.

Adam Rees - Attrill (DoS) & Sheehan. The ecological effects of increasing potting density in the Lyme Bay Marine Protected Area

Sarah Gall - Rodwell (DoS), Sheehan and Attrill. Evaluating the impacts of integrating fisheries and conservation management

Research groups





Blampied S, Sheehan EV, Attrill, M, Binney FCT, Rees S (2022) The socio-economic impact of Marine Protected Areas in Jersey: A fishers’ perspective. Fisheries research. Volume 259, March 2023 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fishres.2022.106555


Stamp T, West E, Colclough S, Plenty S, Ciotti B, Robbins T, Sheehan EV (2022) Suitability of compensatory saltmarsh habitat for feeding and diet of multiple estuarine fish species Fisheries Management and Ecology https://doi.org/10.1111/fme.12599

Stamp T, West E, Robbins T, Plenty S and Sheehan EV (2022) Large-scale historic habitat loss in estuaries and its implications for commercial and recreational fin fisheries. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 1–11 DOI: 10.1093/icesjms/fsac141

Lowe, C.D., Tregenza, N.J.C., Allen, C.J. Sheehan E.V. et al. (2022) A novel method for identifying coded tags recorded on aquatic acoustic monitoring systems. Environ Monit Assess 194, 806 . https://doi.org/10.1007/s10661-022-10500-2

Bridger D, Attrill MJ, Rees S, Davies B, Mascorda L, Sheehan EV (2022) The restoration potential of offshore mussel farming on degraded seabed habitat. Aquaculture, Fish and Fisheries http://doi.org/10.1002/aff2.77

Blampied S, Rees S, Attrill, M, Sheehan EV (2022) Removal of Bottom-Towed Fishing from Whole-Site Marine Protected Areas Promotes Mobile Species Biodiversity. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. Volume 276, 5 October 2022, 108033 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecss.2022.108033

Davies BFR, Holmes L, Attrill MJ & Sheehan EV (2022) The Ecosystem Benefits of Adopting the Whole-Site Approach to MPA Management. Fisheries Management and Ecology. https://doi.org/10.1111/fme.12581

Blampied S, Sheehan EV, Binney FCT, Attrill MJ, Rees SE (2022) Value of coastal habitats to commercial fisheries in Jersey, English Channel, and the role of marine protected areas https://doi.org/10.1111/fme.12571

Williams C, Rees S, Sheehan EV, Ashley M, Davies W (2022) Rewilding the sea? A rapid, low cost model for valuing the ecosystem service benefits of kelp forest recovery based on existing valuations and benefit transfers.Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, section Conservation and Restoration Ecology. ID: 642775 https://doi.org/10.3389/fevo.2022.642775


Davies BFR, Holmes LA, Bicknell A, Attrill MJ, Sheehan EV (2021) A Decade Implementing Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management Improves Diversity of Taxa and Traits Within a Marine Protected Area in the UK. Diversity and Distributions. 00, 1-16. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/ddi.13451

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Davies BFR, Holmes LA, Rees A, Attrill MJ, Cartwright A & Sheehan EV (2021). Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management Works – how switching from mobile to static fishing gear improves populations of fished and non-fished species inside a Marine Protected Area. Journal of Applied Ecology. https://doi.org/10.1111/1365-2664.13986

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Mascorda Cabre L, Hosegood P, Attrill M, Bridger D, Sheehan E (2021). Offshore longline mussel farms: a review of oceanographic and ecological interactions to inform future research needs, policy and management. Reviews in Aquaculture. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/raq.12549

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Reports & invited lectures


2016   Mentor on a British Council Newton funded workshop 'Coastal Sustainability' for 40 UK and Malaysian early career scientists in Penang

2015   Invited speaker at Natural England Maerl workshop with Prof Jason Hall-Spencer and Dr Nick Kamenos Marine Biological Association, Plymouth, UK

2013   Organized workshop “Monitoring best practice for underwater video”, UoP, UK

2013   Invited speaker at Natural England National Team MPA Training event. Monitoring ‘Recovery’: lessons from Lyme Bay, Brixham, UK 2013

2012   Invited speaker at Natural England SW Team MPA Training event. Monitoring ‘Recovery’: lessons from Lyme Bay Marine Biological Association UK, Plymouth, UK 2012

2011   Invited speaker at Natural England Workshop. Experimental design and Marine Protected Areas. Marine Biological Association UK, Plymouth, UK 2011


2019   Attendance of a new initiative the “South West Marine Cluster for Aquaculture” – a strategic meeting to promote south west Blue Growth.   

2019   Structures in the Marine Environment – Glasgow, UK,  Speaker

2019   ITRS – Hong Kong     Speaker

2018   Lyme Bay Case-Study – Benthic recovery, Storms impact and lessons learnt. Lyme bay 10th anniversary event. Plymouth, UK Conference theme developer and convener

2018   Benthic Ecology Meeting – Texas USA Speaker

2018   Coastal Futures – (invited) Royal geographic association, London, UK   Invited speaker

2017   Marine Protected Area conference – Poole, UK –       Invited speaker

2017   Porcupine – invited speaker March 2017 Plymouth, UK Invited speaker

2016   University of Aberystwyth – Invited speaker   Invited speaker

2017   IMPAC – invited to attend as part of the British Embassy in Chili, Chili,  Invited speaker

2016   IMCC –– (Chair and speaker) St Johns, Newfoundland, Chair and speaker

2016  Marine Protected Areas: benthic recovery, storm impacts and lessons learnt – invited speaker. Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, UK   Invited speaker

2016   Marine Protected Areas: benthic recovery, storm impacts and lessons learnt (invited). Scallop Association, Brixham, UK  Invited speaker

2015   Aquatic Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conference, Liverpool, UK Speaker

2015   PRIMARE, Exeter University Penryn campus, Cornwall, UK      Invited speaker

2015   PANACHE-VALMER Final conference Torquay, UK      Invited speaker

2015   South West Marine Ecosystems Plymouth, UK  Invited speaker

2014   10th International Temperate Reefs Symposium Perth, Australia       Speaker

2014   Renewable UK shared presentation with Mike Childs (Friends of the Earth) Birmingham, UK     Invited speaker

2013   IMPAC, Marseille, France      Speaker

2013   PANACHE, INTERREG conference Boulogne Sur Mer    Invited speaker

2013   ISOPE Impacts of Marine Renewables Anchorage, Alaska.      Speaker

2010  NERC workshop. Invited Birmingham, UK,      Invited

2010.  British Ecological Society annual meeting, (Invited) Birmingham, UK    Invited speaker

2010   Oceans 2010 (Invited), Portland Oregon, USA.  Invited speaker

2009   Devon Biodiversity Forum, Council offices, Exeter, UK. Invited speaker

2009   Biodiversity Impacts of Marine Renewables, Wave Hub Exeter, UK      Speaker

2009   Porcupine Marine Natural History Society, Plymouth, UK       Speaker

2009   Marine Renewable Energy Workshop: (Invited). London, UK    Invited

2009   Marine Energy Workshop, UK ERC, (Invited) Edinburgh, UK     Invited

2008   International Conference for Marine Renewable Energy Brest, France  Speaker

2008   Biodiversity Impacts of Marine Renewable Energy, Wave Hub. Plymouth, UK   Speaker

2008   International Scientific Meeting on Marine Renewable Energy and the Environment, London, UK Speaker

2005   The 18th Biennial Conference of the Estuarine Research Federation. Norfolk, Virginia, USA     Speaker

2003   17th Biennial Conference of the Estuarine Research Foundation Seattle, USA   Poster

Conferences organised

2021 EWTEC European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference Series (Academic Organising Committee Member)

2018 Celebrating 10 years of protection and monitoring in the Lyme Bay Marine Protected Area 

The event was attended by over 50 people from Natural England, DEFRA, IFCAs Devon Wildlife trust, local fishers, local artists, Blue Marine Foundation, UoP staff and students (www.sheehanresearchgroup.com/return).