Our global reach

A global community of biologists and marine scientists

The School aims to be global in our networks, opportunities and outlook. 

We are committed to embedding international themes, including sustainability and global citizenship across all our curricula, teaching, research and innovation.

Our staff and students are citizens of the world:

  • We employ 143 academic and research staff from 37 countries. In the last five years 448 students have graduated from 60 countries (2019 data).
  • Our staff are globally connected with research collaborations in 54 countries.

School of Biological and Marine Sciences - map to show global reach
Map displaying global reach of the School of Biological and Marine Sciences

International opportunities for students

  • We are committed to developing international opportunities both ‘at Plymouth’ and across the world to create a truly connected and culturally responsive institution.
  • We are committed to embedding international themes, including sustainability and global citizenship, across all of our programme curricula, teaching, research and innovation.
  • Our students gain important life and academic skills through bilateral teaching, volunteering and research opportunities.
  • Our students benefit from educational and cultural experiences on international field courses to a range of different locations, depending on the degree programme.

Exchange and free mover opportunities


You can take a zero cost route through your course but there may be some additional costs if you choose an optional field course:

Additional fieldwork and equipment costs

School of Biological and Marine Sciences fieldwork

"Nothing can be more improving to a young naturalist (*scientist) than a journey in a distant country" (Darwin, 1845)

Journal of researches into the natural history and geology of the countries visited during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle round the world, under the Command of Capt. Fitz Roy, R.N. 2nd edition. London: John Murray.

International placement opportunities

In the last three years over 200 students have benefited from international volunteering and collaborative research opportunities in 47 countries (2019 data).

Exchange opportunities for Plymouth students

Pioneering partnership

Thanks to a pioneering partnership between the University of Plymouth and the Ocean Giants Trust, a series of scholarships have been awarded to marine biology and conservation undergraduates.

Students are being given the opportunity to work directly with international marine conservation organisations while completing their studies. The first Ocean Giants Scholars will get to complement their studies by working alongside charities based in locations such as Mexico, Mozambique, the Philippines and Tanzania.

Learn more about the partnership

A flying Manta ray in Socorro Island

Globally important research

Our students are global ambassadors

Our graduates are working related employment all over the world – meet our alumni.