Additional fieldwork and equipment costs

Students are expected to meet their normal study costs (books, stationery, printing etc.). However, we do supply laboratory coats and kits and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for fieldwork and labwork.

There may also be costs relating to residential fieldwork.  The Faculty runs an extensive fieldwork programme which is an exciting feature of our courses. These vary in cost according to the location and the length of the field course. Below is a list of fieldtrips which are running in the 2019/20 academic year. Please note that several programmes run a compulsory residential field course.

Our fieldwork

Where the field course is a compulsory part of the programme, the transport and accommodation are paid by the Faculty.

There will be additional costs if you choose an optional field course. Occasionally, you will be expected to make your own way to a departure point – for example, when a field course is starting at the end of a vacation and it is more practical to meet at an airport rather than in Plymouth.

Students undertaking a field-based course are expected to have appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.

Fieldwork Programme for 2019/2020 Academic Year

In addition to field days, the Faculty runs an extensive residential fieldwork programme both in the United Kingdom and overseas. The programme does change to respond to academic developments but the schedule below shows those which are running in 2019/20.  

Programme Usual date Location Approximate 2019/2020 cost to student
Animal Behaviour and Welfare stage 1 April South Devon Zero
Animal Behaviour and Welfare stage 2 April Netherlands Zero
Biological Sciences stage 1 April South Devon Zero
Biological Sciences stage 2 September Azores Zero
Conservation Biology stage 1 March Spain Zero
Conservation Biology stage 2 November Mexico Zero
Earth Sciences MSc October Cyprus Zero
Earth Sciences stage 2 September North Devon Zero
Earth Sciences stage 2 September Pyrenees Zero
Environmental Science stage 1 October Slapton Zero
Environmental Science stage 2 March Malaysia £1000
Environmental Science stage 2 March Cornwall Zero
Environmental Science stage 2 March Malta £450
Environmental Science stage 2 October Dartmoor Zero
Ocean Science and Marine Conservation Stage 4 (optional) January Bahamas Zero
Geography and PGG students stage 4 May USA £700
Geography and Physical Geography and Geology stage 2 March Ireland Zero
Geography stage 1 October Bath Zero
Geography stage 2 May Brittany or Ireland Zero
Geography stage 4 May Western Australia £700
MSc Sustainable Environmental Management stage 1 October St Ives Zero
Physical Geography and Geology stage 2 April Spain Zero
Geology stage 1 October East Devon and Cornwall Zero
Geology, Applied Geol, MGeol and Geology with Ocean Science May Pembrokeshire Zero   
MGeol stage 4 April Death Valley £1150
MGeol stage 1 May North Devon and Cornwall Zero
Geosciences stage 3/4 April Sicily £650
Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology stage 1 April Roscoff Zero
Marine Biology and Oceanography stage 2 March Sweden £343
Marine Biology stage 2 September Portugal Zero
Navigation and Maritime Science May Dartmoor Zero
Oceanography and Coastal Processes/Ocean Exploration and Surveying Stage 4 (optional) September South Africa Zero
Ocean Exploration and Surveying/Oceanography and Coastal Processes/Ocean Science and Marine Conservation Stage 4 (optional) September Isles of Scilly Zero
Sustainable Aquaculture Systems MSc March Greece Zero
Wildlife Conservation stage 1 April Cadiz Zero

Graduation costs

Student ticket: free of change
Adult guest tickets: £30
Children 7-12: £15
Children 0-6: free of charge
Graduates must wear academic dress: Exact cost dependent on award. Costs on average: £45

Our decision to use Plymouth Hoe as a Graduation venue was undertaken in consultation with staff and students. It affords our graduates the opportunity to celebrate their success in a spectacular setting with the opportunity to bring a higher number of guests than previous venues would permit. As with many graduation venues, there is of course an associated cost. To help offset these, we charge guests to attend. This is consistent with many other universities, however unlike many other institutions, we do not charge graduates for their attendance. The post-event feedback we receive is that our ceremonies are thoroughly enjoyed and are good value for money. All University of Plymouth tickets include; attendance at the ceremony; full colour souvenir programme; entrance to the Post-Ceremony Reception; sparkling wine/soft drink and buffet. It's important to stress that the University makes no money whatsoever from graduation. The revenue we receive from guest ticket sales only goes part way towards offsetting the costs of the event.