Additional fieldwork, equipment and graduation costs

Our fieldwork

Take part in the substantial fieldwork offered in a variety of UK and overseas locations.
The delivery and associated costs of field courses from the Faculty of Science and Engineering are currently under review. It is hoped that this review will be complete by early September 2022. If you would like more detailed information on our field courses, please contact the relevant admissions tutor for the course you are interested in. 
Past residential field course have included visits to a variety of overseas and UK based locations. These have included:
  • Isles of Scilly
  • Costa Rica
  • Sweden
  • South Africa 
  • Slapton Ley
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Brittany
  • USA*
  • Box Hill, Surrey
  • The Pyrenees
  • South West England
  • Brittany, France*
*BA/BSc (Hons) Geography, BSc (Hons) Geography with Ocean Science, BA (Hons) Geography with International Relations
Visit our course pages to find examples of what students have experienced on previous trips.

You can take a zero-cost route through your course but there may be some additional costs if you choose an optional field course.
Students are expected to meet their normal study costs (books, stationery, printing etc.). However, we do supply laboratory coats and kits and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for fieldwork and labwork. 
There may also be costs relating to residential fieldwork. The Faculty runs an extensive fieldwork programme, which is an exciting feature of our courses. Field courses vary in cost according to their location and length. Please note that several programmes run a compulsory residential field course. 

Environmental biology students on fieldwork in the Azores