Gannet feeding.

Image courtesy of Getty images. 

Gannet feeding. Image courtesy of Getty images. 


Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are grouped into three subject areas

Elephants in nature

Biological sciences

Sea turtles eating a jellyfish in the ocean

Marine biology

Mornington Peninsula aerial ocean and beach

Marine science

PhD studentship opportunities

Research highlights

Dolphins and Take The Helm
University influences new measure seeking to protect marine mammal habitats

Work to study bottlenose dolphins and other mammals has enabled the western English Channel to be identified as an Important Marine Mammal Area

27 February 2024

Senior management team

Outreach in the school

The School of Biological and Marine Sciences at the University welcome invitations to participate in outreach events such as talks, short workshops or careers fairs. 
science and engineering showcase outreach

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

With a dedicated Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC), the School of Biological and Marine Sciences is committed to embedding equality and diversity across the School’s functions and strategies, developing school-led initiatives and working towards equality charter submissions such as Athena Swan. 
Diversity and inclusion
Aerial view of the campus