Research in the School of Psychology

Research and research training has a high priority in the school.  

Our excellence has been recognised through the Research Excellence Framework, in which 83 per cent of school activity was judged to be of world leading or internationally excellent standard, placing us within the top 20 psychology, neuroscience and psychiatry schools across the country.

We have a thriving PhD community, with around 80 doctoral students, purpose-built research facilities.

Please take a look at our School of Psychology staff publications page for 2019, with links to the online versions and staff pages. You can also access the full list of 83 publications for 2018, additionally listings of 77 papers from 2017, 78 papers from 2016,  84 papers from 2015 and over 100 papers from 2014 are also available. 

Papers published recently

Close, J., Fosh, B., Wheat, H., Horrell, J., Lee, W., Byng, R., … Lloyd, H. (2019). Longitudinal evaluation of a countywide alternative to the Quality and Outcomes Framework in UK General Practice aimed at improving Person Centred Coordinated Care. BMJ Open, 9(7).

Gummerum, M., López‐Pérez, B., Dijk, E. V., & Dillen, L. F. V. (2019). When punishment is emotion-driven: Children’s, adolescents’, and adults’ costly punishment of unfair allocations. Social Development.

Lange, N., Berry, C. J., & Hollins, T. J. (2019). Linking repetition priming, recognition, and source memory: A single-system signal-detection account. Journal of Memory and Language, 109.

Moore, S., Wotus, R., Norman, A., Holloway, M., & Dean, J. (2019). Behind the cloak of competence: Brain injury and mental capacity legislation. Journal of Adult Protection, 21(4), 201–218.

Brain Research & Imaging Centre

The Brain Research & Imaging Centre (BRIC), the most advanced multi-modal brain imaging facility in the South West, will provide the sea-change to enhance the quality of our research in human neuroscience.

With seven cutting-edge human research laboratories, BRIC will include an MRI suite with the most advanced 3-Tesla scanner in the region. It will critically advance our enquiry toward the most advanced brain research, improved radiological diagnostics and better patient care.

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Online psychology research

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