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Research Strands


Research and impact

Research Impact

Changing understanding and practice in anaesthesia
Led by Jackie Andrade this research focuses on developing strategies for the prevention and management of accidental awareness during general anaesthesia.

Led by Judy Edworthy this research focuses on reducing sensory overload on clinicians due to the excessive number of alarms

Led by Helen Lloyd this research focuses on developing models and approaches for people with multiple long-term conditions.

Psychology publications

To view our research papers, please use other tab. In order access these papers in full, please follow the doi link to the published version.

Latest publications

Here is a list of some recent papers published by the School of Psychology:

  • White MP, Bratman GN, Pahl S, Young G, Cracknell D & Elliott LR 2020 'Affective reactions to losses and gains in biodiversity: Testing a prospect theory approach' Journal of Environmental Psychology 72, 101502-101502 , DOI
  • Lopez-Persem A, Roumazeilles L, Folloni D, Marche K, Fouragnan EF, Khalighinejad N, Rushworth MFS & Sallet J 2020 'Differential functional connectivity underlying asymmetric reward-related activity in human and nonhuman primates' Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117, (45) 28452-28462 , DOI
  • Lloyd H, Britten N, Naldemirci Ö & Wolf A 2020 'Epistemic injustices in clinical communication: The example of narrative elicitation in person-centred care' Sociology of Health and Illness: a journal of medical sociology , DOI Open access
  • Martin L, White M, Pahl S, May J & Wheeler B 2020 'Neighbourhood Greenspace and Smoking Prevalence: Results from a Nationally Representative Survey in England' Social Science and Medicine , DOI Open access
  • Summers EMA, Morris RC, Bhutani GE, Rao AS & Clarke JC 2020 'A survey of psychological practitioner workplace wellbeing' Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy , DOI Open access
  • Edwards KJ, Maslin K, Andrade J, Jones RB & Shawe J 2020 'mHealth as a primary mode of intervention for women at risk of, or diagnosed with, gestational diabetes' JBI Evidence Synthesis Publish Ahead of Print, , DOI
  • Lanario JW, Hyland ME, Menzies-Gow A, Mansur AH, Dodd JW, Fowler SJ, Jones RC & Masoli M 2020 'Validation of subscales of the Severe Asthma Questionnaire (SAQ) using exploratory factor analysis (EFA)' Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 18, (1) , DOI
  • Baptie G, Andrade J, Bacon A & Norman A 2020 'Trauma after childbirth: The mediating effects of perceived support' British Journal of Midwifery 28, (10) 724-730 , DOI Open access
  • Blease C, Kharko A, Locher C, DesRoches CM & Mandl KD 2020 'US primary care in 2029: A Delphi survey on the impact of machine learning' PLOS ONE 15, (10) e0239947-e0239947 , DOI Open access
  • Ho N, Baker D, Karapanagiotidis T, Seli P, Wang HT, Leech R, Bernhardt B, Margulies D, Jefferies E & Smallwood J 2020 'Missing the forest because of the trees: Slower alternations during binocular rivalry are associated with lower levels of visual detail during ongoing thought' Neuroscience of Consciousness , DOI Open access
  • May J, Redding E, Whatley S, Lucznik K, Clements L, Weber R, Sikorski J & Reed S 2020 'Enhancing creativity by training metacognitive skills in mental imagery' Thinking Skills and Creativity 38, 100739-100739 , DOI Open access
  • Austin D, May J, Andrade J & Jones R 2020 'Delivering digital health: The barriers and facilitators to university-industry collaboration' Health Policy and Technology , DOI Open access
  • Austin D, Andrade J, May J & Jones R 2020 'Delivering digital health: The barriers and facilitators to University-Industry Collaboration' Health Policy and Technology , DOI Open access
  • Baptie G, Andrade J, Bacon AM & Norman A 2020 'Birth trauma: the mediating effects of perceived support' British Journal of Midwifery 28, (10) 724-730 , DOI Open access
  • Martin L, White MP, Pahl S, May J & Wheeler BW 2020 'Neighbourhood greenspace and smoking prevalence: Results from a nationally representative survey in England' Social Science & Medicine 113448-113448 , DOI
  • Tierney W, Hardy JH, Ebersole CR, Leavitt K, Viganola D, Clemente EG, Gordon M, Dreber A, Johannesson M & Pfeiffer T 2020 'Creative destruction in science' Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 161, 291-309 , DOI Open access
  • Kaur R & Stedmon J 2020 'A phenomenological enquiry into the impact of bereavement by suicide over the life course' Mortality 1-22 , DOI
  • Seabrooke T, Mitchell C, Wills A & Hollins T 2020 'Pretesting boosts recognition, but not cued recall, of targets from unrelated word pairs' Psychonomic Bulletin and Review , DOI Open access
  • Odor P, Bampoe S, Moonesinghe R, Andrade J, Pandit J & Lucas N 2020 'General anaesthetic and airway management practice for obstetric surgery in England: a prospective, multi-centre observational study' Anaesthesia , DOI Open access
  • Margraf J, Lavallee KL, Zhang XC, Woike JK & Schneider S 2020 'Mental health and the wish to have a child: a longitudinal, cross-cultural comparison between Germany and China' Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology 1-13 , DOI Open access
  • Wardman T, Koelmans AA, Whyte J & Pahl S 2020 'Communicating the absence of evidence for microplastics risk: Balancing sensation and reflection' Environment International 106116-106116 , DOI
  • Trudel N, Scholl J, Klein-Flügge MC, Fouragnan E, Tankelevitch L, Wittmann MK & Rushworth MFS 2020 'Polarity of uncertainty representation during exploration and exploitation in ventromedial prefrontal cortex' Nature Human Behaviour , DOI Open access
  • Edmunds C, Inkster A, Jones P, Milton F & Wills A 2020 'Absence of cross-modality analogical transfer in perceptual categorization' Open Journal of Experimental Psychology and Neuroscience , DOI Open access
  • Hyland ME 2020 'A reformulated contextual model of psychotherapy for treating anxiety and depression' Clinical Psychology Review 80, 101890-101890 , DOI Open access
  • Ward EV, Berry CJ, Shanks DR, Moller PL & Czsiser E 2020 'Aging Predicts Decline in Explicit and Implicit Memory: A Life-Span Study' Psychological Science 31, (9) 1071-1083 , DOI Open access
  • Wittmann M, Fouragnan E, Folloni D, Klein-Flugge M, Chau B, Khamassi M & Rushworth M 2020 'Global reward state affects learning and activity in raphe nucleus and anterior insula in monkeys' Nature Communications , DOI Open access
  • Kanngiesser P, Sunderarajan J & Woike JK 2020 'Keeping them honest: Promises reduce cheating in adolescents' Journal of Behavioral Decision Making , DOI Open access
  • Wang H-T, Ho NSP, Bzdok D, Bernhardt BC, Margulies DS, Jefferies E & Smallwood J 2020 'Neurocognitive patterns dissociating semantic processing from executive control are linked to more detailed off-task mental time travel' Scientific Reports 10, (1) , DOI Open access
  • Annison J, Auburn T, Gilling D & Hanley Santos G 2020 'A flawed revolution? Interrogating the Transforming Rehabilitation changes in England and Wales through the prism of a Community Justice Court' Marketisation and Privatisation in Criminal Justice Bristol Policy Press 171-184
  • Galvão Gomes da Silva J, Kavanagh DJ, May J & Andrade J 2020 'Say it aloud: Measuring change talk and user perceptions in an automated, technology-delivered adaptation of motivational interviewing delivered by video-counsellor' Internet Interventions , DOI Open access
  • Ahmadpoor N, Smith A & Heath T 2020 'Rethinking legibility in the era of digital mobile maps: An empirical study' Journal of Urban Design , DOI Open access
  • Turnbull A, Garfinkel SN, Ho NSP, Critchley HD, Bernhardt BC, Jefferies E & Smallwood J 2020 'Word up – Experiential and neurocognitive evidence for associations between autistic symptomology and a preference for thinking in the form of words' Cortex 128, 88-106 , DOI Open access
  • Ho NSP, Poerio G, Konu D, Turnbull A, Sormaz M, Leech R, Bernhardt B, Jefferies E & Smallwood J 2020 'Facing up to the wandering mind: Patterns of off-task laboratory thought are associated with stronger neural recruitment of right fusiform cortex while processing facial stimuli' NeuroImage 214, 116765-116765 , DOI Open access
  • Knight E, Norman A & Simpson G 2020 'Living with suicidality following traumatic brain injury: A qualitative study' Brain Injury , DOI Open access
  • Botvinik-Nezer R, Holzmeister F, Camerer CF, Dreber A, Huber J, Johannesson M, Kirchler M, Iwanir R, Mumford JA & Adcock RA 2020 'Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams' Nature 582, (7810) 84-88 , DOI Open access
  • Ganis G 2020 'Imagination and Moral Cognition' in Abraham A The Cambridge Handbook of the Imagination Cambridge University Press 390-405
  • Self JE, Dunn MJ, Erichsen JT, Gottlob I, Griffiths HJ, Harris C, Lee H, Owen J, Sanders J & Shawkat F 2020 'Correction: Management of nystagmus in children: a review of the literature and current practice in UK specialist services' Eye 34, (9) 1717-1717 , DOI
  • Lavan N, Mileva M & McGettigan C 2020 'How does familiarity with a voice affect trait judgements?' British Journal of Psychology , DOI Open access
  • Morris R 2020 'Mental Capacity Past, Present and Future: An overview' Assessing Mental Capacity A Handbook to Guide Professionals from Basic to Advanced Practice Routledge Open access
  • Köster M, Langeloh M, Kliesch C, Kanngiesser P & Hoehl S 2020 'Motor cortex activity during action observation predicts subsequent action imitation in human infants' NeuroImage 116958-116958 , DOI Open access
  • Kavanagh DJ, Teixeira H, Connolly J, Andrade J, May J, Godfrey S, Carroll A, Taylor K & Connor JP 2020 'The Motivational Thought Frequency scales for increased physical activity and reduced high-energy snacking' British Journal of Health Psychology , DOI Open access
  • Ahmadpoor N & Smith A 2020 'Spatial knowledge acquisition and mobile maps: The role of environmental legibility' Cities , DOI Open access
  • Norman A, Holloway M, Odumuyiwa T, Kennedy M, Forrest H, Suffield F & Dicks H 2020 'Accepting what we do not know: A need to improve professional understanding of Brain Injury in the UK' Health and Social Care in the Community 1-13 , DOI Open access
  • Vainio L & Ellis R 2020 'Action inhibition and affordances associated with a non-target object: An integrative review' Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 112, 487-502 , DOI
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  • Lewandowsky S, Woike JK & Oberauer K 2020 'Genesis or Evolution of Gender Differences? Worldview-based Dilemmas in The Processing of Scientific Information (preprint)' OSF , DOI Open access
  • Lewandowsky S, Woike JK & Oberauer K 2020 'Genesis or Evolution of Gender Differences? Worldview-Based Dilemmas in The Processing of Scientific Information' Journal of Cognition 3, (1) , DOI Open access
  • Bacon AM & Corr PJ 2020 'Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK: A personality-based perspective on concerns and intention to self-isolate' British Journal of Health Psychology 25, (4) 839-848 , DOI Open access
  • Ruch W, Heintz S, Gander F, Hofmann J, Platt T & Proyer RT 2020 'The long and winding road: A comprehensive analysis of 50 years of Eysenck instruments for the assessment of personality' Personality and Individual Differences 110070-110070 , DOI Open access
  • Lloyd HM, Ekman I, Rogers HL, Raposo V, Melo P, Marinkovic VD, Buttigieg SC, Srulovici E, Lewandowski RA & Britten N 2020 'Supporting Innovative Person-Centred Care in Financially Constrained Environments: The WE CARE Exploratory Health Laboratory Evaluation Strategy' International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17, (9) 3050-3050 , DOI Open access

Open Science Strategy

This strategy commits the School of Psychology to three key open science goals by 2021. The first is preregistration of all research that will be published. The second is open access to all research publications. The third is open access to the raw data, stimuli, materials, and analysis pipelines of all published papers (except where so doing would cause insurmountable ethical or privacy issues). Four members of staff are signatories to the Peer Reviewers' Openness Initiative (Bach, Walsh, Whalley, Wills), which seeks to use peer review as a lever to improve open science practices. Wills is a Trustee of the Nurture Science Publishing Group, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the promotion of affordable open-access publication in the context of rigorous, reproducibility-focused peer review.


Facilities and labs

Brain Research & Imaging Centre

The Brain Research & Imaging Centre (BRIC), the most advanced multi-modal brain imaging facility in the South West, will provide the sea-change to enhance the quality of our research in human neuroscience.

With seven cutting-edge human research laboratories, BRIC will include an MRI suite with the most advanced 3-Tesla scanner in the region. It will critically advance our enquiry toward the most advanced brain research, improved radiological diagnostics and better patient care.

Find out more about the facility

Neuroscience facilities

Located on our main city-centre campus, these facilities are ideally placed for large-sample studies of neurotypical individuals. The facilities comprise three eye-tracking labs, three 128-channel EEG labs (one suitable for infant participants), a Neural Modulation laboratory, a functional Near Infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) lab, and a data analysis suite. The Neural Modulation laboratory provides facilities for singlepulse and rapid TMS, and tDCS, combined with 64-channel EEG recording and 3D scalp surface and electrode digitisation.


The Babylab provides facilities that are essential to the developmental component of our Experimental Psychology research. Babylab provides excellent, dedicated facilities for infant testing including a family-friendly reception space, two observation rooms, and six individual sound-attenuating booths, with a Tobii 300 Hz system and a head-turn preference setting.

Learn more about the Babylab

Dedicated behavioural testing facilities

A total of 26 purpose-built testing rooms, most of them multi-seat. This facility supports much of the core work of Experimental Psychology group. There are also two dedicated 'soft labs': comfortable, relaxing spaces more conducive to the study of human interaction and counselling than standard labs. We also have three research-dedicated state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Labs.

Specialist equipment

Multichannel EMG systems, respiratory belts, skin thermometers, GSR devices, and pulse meters. There are also movement-measurement devices, including force transducers, accelerometers and laser displacement meters, and somatosensory and pain research devices that enable peripheral percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Non-human animal research

In the School of Biological and Marine Sciences there are eight dedicated observation labs, including two specialist temperature-controlled facilities suitable for aquatic animals. All labs are set up for video recording and remote logging with Noldus observer. Our Animal Behaviour researchers also make regular use of shared resources in the School of Biological and Marine Sciences, including animal housing, Home Office licensed space, plus physiology and molecular biology labs. Our research on sustainability is substantially facilitated by the presence of the Plymouth Marine Institute - the first and largest such institute in the UK.

Virtual reality research

Our team are conducting research into virtual reality, working on topics including:

  • Foundations of search and navigation
  • Connecting people with the ocean
  • Using augmented reality to deliver an imagery-based intervention for behaviour change

Discover more about our latest virtual reality research.


Our researchers