BSc (Hons) Oceanography and Coastal Processes final year field trips

During September, before the start of your final academic year, you'll join up with staff for one of two (soon to be three!) residential field trips. 

The field trips are designed to provide an intensive and realistic professional work environment where the you will put the skills and knowledge acquired during your first two years of study to the test. With a vast array of research grade field equipment at your disposal, you will plan, collect, process and analyse data to address specific problems during your stay. 

Currently we offer you a choice of a research-orientated field trip to either the Isles of Scilly or South Africa. The Isles of Scilly trip is offered at zero cost, but if you choose to go to South Africa you will be required to make your own way to the joining location. Once on location for both trips all lodging, travel and food expenses are covered by the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Activities during the field trips vary from year to year, but you will always be encouraged to further develop your practical skills and start to demonstrate your confidence and independence when planning the experiments. In particular, you’ll now be at the stage where you can prepare scientific instrumentation yourself and, for example, coordinate with boat skippers when communicating your plans for water-based activities.

During the Isles of Scilly trip, you will camp on St. Martins or St. Marys and spend several days collecting data at sea. Depending on your scientific discipline, some activities may be shore based but you will have the opportunity to explore the local environment as you prepare for a group-based presentation that brings together all that your group has done throughout the week.

In South Africa, you’ll participate in a group project in Port Elizabeth that is research focused; the project will align with your scientific interests and enable you to further develop your independent skills.

Marine science residential field trip to South Africa

Our new courses offers an amazing opportunity to apply your newly acquired practical skills in a research-orientated environment during a residential field week abroad.

Video produced by one of our former students, Zoe Waring.