Here at the University of Plymouth we recognise the importance of enthusing the next generation of scientists, whether it is through visits to local schools, in house events, or wider promotion of the subject via national societies.

The School of Biological and Marine Sciences at the University of Plymouth welcome invitations to participate in outreach events such as talks, short workshops or careers fairs. These can either be through University staff visits or by visits to the University of Plymouth. We do not charge for speakers but would require you to cover reasonable travel and subsistence costs for staff visits. If you would like to request a visit, please complete the form.  

Talks currently available

  • Plant biology: How it can help food security
  • Marine biology: Marine litter, are there solutions to this global environmental problem?
  • Marine biology/coastal processes: Extreme storm impacts on the coast
  • Marine science/oceanography: Sharks in the surf zone: How internal waves create predator hotspots
  • Marine science: Using ocean exploration to understand Antarctic ice sheet change

If the talk you are interested in is not listed, get in contact and we can see what we can offer.