Coastal Processes Research Group (CPRG)

About us

The Coastal Processes Research Group (CPRG) is an internationally recognised group of researchers, specialising in field studies and numerical modelling of coastal processes. We aim to be a leading contributor to the international research community seeking to understand and predict the behaviour of coastal and estuarine systems in support of appropriate management of coastal resources and activities.

Our links

The group has links with researchers from a number of different research groups and centres. We also work extensively with researchers in Europe and elsewhere. 

Research opportunities

  • Beach morphodynamics and nearshore sediment transport
  • Coastal erosion and storm impacts
  • Video monitoring of coastal systems
  • Coastal process modelling
  • Estuarine processes and evolution

Fieldwork in the Maldives

A recent trip by the University of Plymouth Coastal Processes Research Group to the Maldives. The aim was to undertake fieldwork to inform ongoing modelling of future sea-level rise impacts on these islands. This is a short video looking at the work we did and the data collected.

Where did the sand go?

In 2013–14 some of the most energetic series of storms ever hit our coastline. 

Many beaches across the South West of England have still not fully recovered from the erosion. But where did the sand go?

Watch our animation to find out.

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