Marine Station
Dedicated to teaching and research, the Marine Station serves all our marine-based courses including civil engineering, earth sciences and marine biology.  
Situated on the shores of Plymouth Sound as part of our ‘Waterfront Campus’, the facility offers labs and classrooms extending out into the natural environment. It is the base for our research vessels and a centre of excellence for diving that enables you to get professional diving qualifications and develop valuable industry-relevant skills.

Outstanding facilities to prepare you for your career

Facilities include a wet laboratory used for sample examination and analysis and a seawater aquarium which allows samples to be collected, stored, examined and returned to the sea with minimal disturbance.
Research vessels
It's the base for our research vessels. We have a fleet of seven research and diving vessels, plus smaller boats for group practical sessions, individual project work and research spanning the collection of seabed and water samples to the acquisition of hydrographic survey and oceanographic datasets.
Our instrumentation includes the latest oceanographic and hydrographic survey sensors including an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, a Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder, a towed undulating Conductivity-Temperature-Depth System, an automatic weather station installed on Mount Batten Tower, specialist software for data analysis and visualisation, and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) equipped with HD video camera and various manipulator arms.

HSE Professional SCUBA diving course

Plymouth is unique in offering our students the opportunity to gain the HSE Professional SCUBA certification alongside their degree. 
The course is an intensive four week full-time programme designed to prepare candidates for undertaking media, scientific and archaeological diving projects. If you are looking to do any underwater work in the UK and be paid, you will require a HSE qualification. The Professional SCUBA course is the minimum requirement if you wish to work on scientific, archaeological or media diving projects. Please note that places on the course are offered subject to availability.
Diving in Plymouth Sound

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