Preserving Robotics In DEntistry (PRiDE)

This project is an interdisciplinary initiative between dentistry, robotics and cyber security. Socially-assistive robots have been used in other settings e.g. dementia and autism with positive results in supporting patients in performing tasks or reducing anxiety. There were smaller studies done on children in dentistry demonstrating that it can help them to cope with anxiety and stress better. However, there is a number of areas of dental care especially with challenging patients that socially-assistive robots can be helpful. We are currently working with different groups to identify these areas, design and adapt the intervention and evaluate their effectiveness. We also take cyber security aspects into account, aiming at designing and providing a secure robotics system for dental care. 

Our project has access to several socially-assistive robots in the department.

We will be starting new studies in the near future. If you are a dentist or dental patient that would like to be informed of opportunities to get involved in our project. Please visit the website again or email Professor Mona Nasser.
Preserving Robotics In DEntistry (PRiDE)

Hai-Van Dang, Mona Nasser and Hooman Samani


Communication with robot (by Sam Resende and Tri Le)

This video shows a demonstration of communication between a QTrobot and a user. The robot asks questions to the user and collect the answers. All the answers are stored into a cloud storage.

Two-factor authentication with robot (by Gregory Kua Wee Leng)

This video shows a demonstration of two-factor authentication in a QTrobot. The robot asks questions to the user and uses this information to identify and authenticate the user. The two factors for authentication include something the user knows (his/her personal information) and something the user has (his/her email to receive OTP). 

Past events

Robotics in Dentistry Focus Group meeting

Friday 9 June 2023, 11:00–13:00
We are delighted to invite dental practitioners and educators to our focus group meeting for discussion about robotics in dentistry and security/privacy concerns. We introduce the robotic technologies into dental care, predominantly socially-assistive robots. The aim is that the robots provide an emotional support and can be used as an information exchange tool. The discussion is about the acceptance of use of socially-assistive robots in the dental practice and privacy concerns regarding the functionalities of the robots with camera and voice recorder.

PRIDE-AI – The Application of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Dentistry Workshop 

Friday 7 October 2022, 09:00–16:00 UK time
We are delighted to host the workshop at the University of Plymouth. The workshop is supported by the Turing Network Development Awards grant and is a part of the Privacy-preserving Robotics in DEntistry (PRiDE) project – an interdisciplinary initiative between dentistry, robotics and cyber security. The workshop will include keynote speakers, consultants and representatives from the interdisciplinary fields.  
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