More Just, More Sustainable Futures 1.0: Artistic research symposium for PhD students

2021 theme: Multiple ecologies, diverse ontologies 28-29 September 2021

Postgraduate research students (PhD) at the University of Plymouth are curating and hosting an online symposium under the broad theme of multiple ecologies, diverse ontologies and ethico-onto-epistemological exchanges. The symposium will explore ways artistic research/practice-research imagines paths towards alternative visions for more just, sustainable presents and futures for our collective environments. It aims to reflect practices which are inclusive of different frames of reference and diversity in working, doing and thinking.

We are focusing on presentations which address a consciousness of ecologies as complex and entangled systems of exchange, and of ethics, being and knowledge as co-created and inseparable after Karen Barad's concept of ethico-onto-epistem-ology (Barad, 2007).

How can futures be more just, more sustainable, or, ideally, both? What can practice-research tell us about the paths to these futures?

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Some themes that will be addressed through the three featured conversations and three panels are:

  • multispecies speculative futures
  • art and activism in cityscapes
  • recalibrating relationships
  • multiple ways of knowing
  • eco-communities
  • plant music
  • eco-musicology
  • spiritual ecology
  • more-than-human kinship
  • lamentation of eco-destruction
  • industrial scale meat production.

Symposium of conversations and Q&A on 28-29 September 2021

Featured presenters: Nik Forrest, Ali Kenefick, and Sanaz Sohrabi from Concordia University in conversation with Livia Daza Paris, Emilio Chapela, and Kate Paxman from University of Plymouth

Panelists: Andre Bailao (University of Sao Paolo), Ezeugwu Lilien (Obafemi Awolowo University), Hira Sheikh (Queensland University of Technology), Isaiah Green (Indiana University), Julie Gemuend (Brock University), Karine Aguiar S. Saunier (University of Campina), Laura Magnusson (Concordia University), and Shareed Mohammed (University of the West Indies)

Each selected presenter or panel will be invited to contribute their presentation(s) as a research paper or visual essay words to be included in an e-book of the symposium. This will be peer reviewed and edited, along with a prologue, by University of Plymouth PhD candidates and professors and released early 2022!

Symposium Co-Directors:

  • Colette Campbell-Jones
  • Kate Paxman
  • Flounder Lee

Faculty Mentor:

Symposium made possible by the generous support of the University of Plymouth and, especially, the School of Art, Design and Architecture.