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National Day for Staff Networks take place on Wednesday 8 May and is our chance to celebrate the incredible contributions of staff networks at the University of Plymouth and share with you a little bit more about what they do to impact culture at the University. 
National Day for Staff Networks (also known as Networks Day) is the day where employee networks across the United Kingdom rise up as a community and lead the way for change in the workplace. 
At the University of Plymouth our staff networks are the key to our success in delivering our EDI Plan 2022–2025 and we celebrate their contribution today and every day of the year. 
Throughout this page you can learn about the incredible achievements of our staff networks and find out how we support them in their valued contributions to the working culture at the University of Plymouth. 

Staff Networks guidance

Staff networks at the University of Plymouth form a core part of our commitment to promote an inclusive environment and diverse community, and are referenced as actions within our Equality Strategy, Wellbeing Strategy and Athena Swan action plans. 
The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team has worked with trade unions and staff networks to create guidance on working time allowances for involvement within staff networks as well as information on how this can contribute to your PDR. 
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