Training and resources

As a university that is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, the University of Plymouth provides training throughout the year to ensure staff are always equipped to deliver a service that works for everyone. 

Here you will find information on our training courses as well as the University's agreed definitions and terminology to help facilitate conversations on sometimes challenging topics.

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team are also available to deliver bespoke training to faculties and departments. Please get in touch at if this is something that you would like to arrange.

All courses for staff listed on this page can be booked via Employee Self-Service or by contacting the Staff Development Team at

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Glossary of terms

We understand that trying to get to grips with the meaning of key phrases in equality legislation and University policies can be confusing.

For various legal reasons and for consistency across departments, the University has adopted a glossary of key terms to ensure that everyone is working to the same definitions. This glossary is regularly updated to reflect the evolution of our language on often emotive topics and we welcome feedback from our staff, students and community.

View our latest guidance on terminology

Training courses

The University of Plymouth offers a wide range of facilitated and online training courses available for all staff in a variety of topics. Staff can find out more on the EDI SharePoint site or select a course below to book a place.

Equality, diversity and inclusion toolkits

Our EDI toolkits are a range of resources selected by staff and students to support anyone in our community wanting to know more about a range of equality, diversity and inclusion topics. Resources include podcasts, films, reading lists and online seminars. To access a toolkit, simply select the topic below (University log-in required).

Forum for Race Equality and Diversity Awareness (FREDA)

FREDA activities are organised by a small working party of local practitioners, academics, students, service users and practice educators. They host learning events open to everyone throughout the academic year and have a range of resources on their dedicated webpages to help individuals or organisations challenge race inequality and improve diversity across the South West.

Find out more about FREDA

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